Gaining Balance – A Message from DGT

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The following message from the Divine Guidance Team was about Balance.  We hope you enjoy it!  Here is the message:


Here is today’s Message from the Divine Guidance Team:

Nature always finds a way to bring itself into balance; that perfect blend of yin and yang energies which penetrate all living things.  This same energy resides within your own body and when your body is thrown out of whack by physical, mental and spiritual imbalances, the body is out of balance and open and prone to dis-ease.

Thus it is important for you to maintain a balance in your life, which includes your physical body as well as your mental and spiritual health.

It is time to re-find your center, your balance so you can move through your life with grace, ease and re-new energy. 

First you want to start relaxing!  Did you know this is why you celebrate each New Year with so much clamor and noise?  Did you know this is why parties can be noisy and sport events full of yelling?  Celebrating with noise is a method to release all built-up tension and a way to release of the old, stale energies of the both your distant and current past.  Take time to celebrate in some form or fashion tonight!

Whether it’s with family and friends at a festive gathering or by yourself in front of a TV; remember to gather your angels to protect and guide you throughout the year. 

If you can take a relaxing bath, or enjoy a good meal, or talk with good friends, do so.  Usher the future with new resolve and determination.  Let go of your past baggage and bid it farewell. 

Write that which no longer serves you on a piece of paper and either burn it (safety first) or bury it and rip it to shreds and throw it away.

Write what you want in the near future and place it on your personal alter, surrounded by candles (white, pink or green is good) and perhaps a stone (quartz, pink quartz) or statue of an angel or cross or some spiritual/meaningful/religious symbol.  Place yourself in front of the alter and just before you go to bed, send out good wishes for a well-being and happiness for you, your family and friends, and maybe even your city or the world.  Be sure to take a few cleaning/clearing breathes in and say the following prayer, out loud if possible:

“Dear God/Jesus/Angels/Archangels and Ascended Masters (whoever), I ask you to wipe clean the old, stale energies of my life; those energies that no longer serve me — wipe it clean now.  I let the old go so I may be blessed in my life.  Please bring me (and my family/friends/the world) new fresh energies in this blessed time.  Let me be surrounded with positive energies and experiences.  May prosperity, love, clarity, confidence, abundance and balance come into my life now.  May I be blessed with balance, contentment and peace in my life.  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  Blessed be! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

Use the above prayer (and ritual) as is or change accordingly to your own wishes and desires.  Remember it is your intent that is important, not the exact words themselves. 

Take a few more deep breaths and be still for a few moments.  Hold gratitude and appreciation for all you have now in your heart.  Know that the Universe is always for you and that the angels are always here for the asking.  Know you are loved beyond belief and allow all that is good in your life be a blessing to you.  Know you will be taken care of in the time ahead.  This time of your life will be one of joy, happiness and prosperity in all ways for you. 

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path

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After Note:  Balance will begin to be opened for you with our simple exercise.  Here’s to having true balance in your life!