Learning to Live in the Light by Blake Cahoon

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Blake Cahoon and her Divine Guidance Team have produced yet another an insightful, inspirational and informational book providing true spiritual guidance from the angels and ascended masters.

When we step on the spiritual path it is always helpful to have a mentor. Spiritual intuitive, author and teacher Blake Cahoon has her own special team of divine guidance mentors. These wonderful archangels and ascended masters have been working with Blake for many years and provided inspired wisdom to her and her international audiences.

Blake and the Team have been giving live audience forums in person and over web media where she can bring forward the Divine Guidance Team's wit and wisdom.

Learning to Live in the Light is a collection of the channeled material that covers everything from law of attraction, Atlantis, UFO's, bringing adunce into your, how lightworkers can do the work they love profitably and so much more. The questions from audience members cover all types of questions which the Team have answered in this 300 plus page volume.

Blake relates how she first got started with her Team and how her own journey was influenced and guided by their wisdom and how you too can take advantage of their love and guidance for your own life.

This is Blake Cahoon's fourth spiritual book. She lives in central Kentucky with her cat. She is currently editing her first fantasy novel, due out in February.

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