About Archangels

About Angels and Archangels

How did I learn about archangels and angels? Many years ago, I had gone to a psychic who told that I would soon be writing about angels.  She also said I’d be leaving my job. At that time I was working for corporate America as an IT professional, so angels and archangels were really on my mind.

Connect_with_AngelsWell, I was looking for answers to my love life at the time and therefore dismissed what the woman had to tell me.   However, I didn’t forget.

Well, two years later, her predictions were correct – I become a contractor as opposed to a full time employee, and indeed I was studying more and more about archangels and angels.

I got involved with angels about 1999, when I was coming home from a ghost hunting trip down in Alton, Illinois.  At the time, I was all about ghosts, not angels.  In my books, Connecting with Angels, I relate how I become more involved with angels, and less about ghosts.

cropped-angel_s-1.jpgWhat Are Angels?

According to angel literature and history, the word “angel” comes from the Greek word “angelos” which means ‘messenger.’

Today we think of angels as supernatural beings who work directly with God and act as God’s helpers and messengers.

Elijah, one of my own companion angel or guardian angel, says that angels are inter mediators that help facilitate a link between humans and their Source or Creator (God).  They are here to listen, to guide, to be a companion to, to help with both the small tasks as well as the large goals.  It is through prayer and simple asking that they are able to help us in our daily lives.

Angels are neither male or female; we attribute these qualities to them only because it allows better identification and comfort level to humans.

While my companion angel’s name may sound male or female they are a-sexual in reality – they have no true gender but make up the best parts of the whole.

I have been told that we are born with two guardian angels and they will be with us until the end of our current Earth life.

But you also have many other angels in your life – called upon as they are needed.  No task is too mundane or small for angels.  I’ve had angels help me with stuck windows, lost keys and lost cats.

No task is too large for angels – I’ve had help from my angels with major career moves, job opportunities, help with a location move from one part of the country to the next.  I’ve had them help me find friends, heal family matters and get me back on the road to health.

I have much to be thankful for and I credit my Creator and my angels to helping me each step of the way.
Now mind you, I didn’t always listen and I might have gotten to where I am today sooner if I had.  But then we each must take our journey in our own way.

The angels don’t mind – they love us no matter what and are here for us whenever we need, want and ask them to be.

Historical  Beliefs 

Many books, both old and new, have been written about angels.  Historical references to angels go back thousands of years, beyond the Jewish, Christian and Islam religions.  But it is religion that took hold of messengers from God and brought them into what we perceive angels today to be.

All nations of the world have their own spiritual beings that act as messengers from God.  Scholars have found ancient stone wall carvings with pictures that appear to be angels.  Early civilizations including Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece have depicted winged creatures with habits that now can be considered angelic in nature.

Religious Beliefs

According to Reverend Billy Graham, who made angels popular in 1975 with his best seller book on angels, “Angels: God’s Secret Agents”,  there are about 300 references to angels in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

In Psalms 68:17 it reads: “the chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels.”

Hebrews 12:22 states: “…an innumerable company of angels.”

There are many more quotes from the Christen Bible; the Catholics refer to angels as Saints – as in Saint Michael and Saint Raphael.

Many biblical scholars have quoted the many verses in the Bible of the angels’ deeds and words.  Debate and controversy surround their existence and much has been written on the subject of angels.

Artists, poets and writers throughout time have kept angels to the forefront of man’s awareness.  It is this work that allows angels to work with man and help guide him with love and understanding.

There is a hierarchy attached to angels – an order and structure, developed by several angel scholars throughout time.  Part of this hierarchy or power structure of angels is archangels who are known to be very powerful beings with divine specific purposes.

Four Most Familiar Archangels

The four most common or familiar of the archangels are:

2 angels in thought figurines-Folsom - CopyArchangel Michael – a powerful archangel of strength and protection.   His name is loosely translated to “Who is like God?”

He has appeared to many modern channels and psychics and allowed his image and name to put into movies, books, literature and art.

Archangel Gabriel – His name means “God is my Strength” for he provides a foundation of knowing.  He is called upon to help with creative and communication.  He helps with our emotions and strengthens our connection with nature, animals, people and to angels.

Archangel Gabriel appears in the book of Luke as the angel who announces the birth of Jesus to Mary.

Archangel Raphael – is the archangel of Healing.  His name literally means “Healed by God” or “God Heals.”  He is the guardian of the human body and of all that is about healing including the healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual health, as well as global earth health.  He is about personal growth and transformation.   He aids in healing the Earth and all its inhabitants.
Archangel Uriel – His name means “Light of God” and is the Protector of the East, thus the beginning of each day.  Careers, science, economics and politics are all ruled by Archangel Uriel.

Elijah says, “Uriel is about beginnings and maintenance of those beginnings.  He is symbolized by the color green and the season of spring.  He is rebirth.  Call upon him when starting a new journey and he will send his angels to help you stay on the path and stay the course.”

There are many archangels and angels, all of which serve special purposes.  In my work, I show how you can learn to call upon specific angels for specific purposes and how to connect, communicate and work with the angelic realms.

If you would like to learn more about Archangels, angels and find out who your guardians angels are, I offer private and personal Angel Consultations.   Please contact me to set up an appointment.  Phone or in person.