We have served so many over the years with our classes, workshop, live events and of course, readings.

Here are just a few of what people had to say about us:

From MJ, in Wisconsin: “Always polite, thoughtful, courteous. Blake and the team go above ( no pun intended) and beyond to answer my questions and concerns. Leaving me feeling settled And calm. Love and blessings. Thank you!😍”

“Dear Blake,
I have had quite a few readings in the past, and I must say this was by far the best I have ever received. I really felt it affecting me deep in my heart and soul. Thank you and blessings,
Dan in MA”
“Blake did a reading for my sister during an angel class shortly after she went through a painful divorce and not only did Blake relay information from our mother (who had passed over many years earlier) that was true, very specific and comforting but she also assured my sister that she would find true love again and he would be a kind and compassionate person -just like she deserved. It was just what she needed to hear at that time. Now, just a few years later my sister has found a wonderful companion and is happier than she has ever been.

I knew from the moment I met Blake that she was a gifted spirit and have had several readings by her as well as having attended some of her classes. Her readings have always been amazing as to her ability to speak with those that have passed over, ask them questions and present specifics that only the deceased would know. Through her angels and guides she has provided me with assurances, cautions, and answers to questions that have been invaluable.”
Sharon T., Illinois

Although I will never do justice to the experience through words, I offer my written testimonial:

“I met Blake for the first time at a small gratitude gathering. After the formal activities, we were relaxing in the living room when I asked Blake if she could offer any guidance in dealing with personal issues. Blake started talking to me and then paused and said there was a new spirit present and that it was my spirit guide. My spirit guide was talking through Blake giving me advice and pointing out to me what I need to heal in my life to further my relationships with others. My spirit guide, through Blake, continued to talk to me for about 30 minutes. People who knew Blake commented that the mannerism in which Blake spoke to me was not her usual style. I believe my spirit guide used Blake’s voice to speak to me. It was a gift from Blake that I will always remember.”

I hope this testimonial conveys the wonderful experience you gave me.
Sue L., Wisconsin

“Blake is an incredibly gifted and compassionate intuitive. I have had a few phone [consultations] with her, and each [session] has been more enlightening and provocative than the last. She is very direct, has a great sense of humor and is very grounded, which makes her guidance understandable, pragmatic and actionable. I feel blessed to have met her and am looking forward to our next conversation.”
Chuck T., NY

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