Appreciation is Appreciated

Angel Book by CahoonA Tale of Birthdays, Books and Thanksgiving

Do you appreciate your friends?
Have you told them or shown them this lately?
What can you do to be a better friend?

It’s not easy being a writer.  People think writers live a glamorous life. It sounds like great fun sitting around thinking up stuff to write about, whether it’s murder mystery, a cookbook, a history book, or a political thriller or romance.   And it can be.  I’ve always found research for a book to be a fascinating occupation of time and effort. Whether it was in the library, before the internet, or now on the internet, research can be fun.  Stitching together a romance novel or comedy novel can also be fun.  Hours of labor and love go into books and as a published author, I know the amount of sweat, blood and tears go into producing a book.  A book someone might want to buy.

But what if you held a party and no one came?  Don’t laugh… or cry.  It happened to me: on my 16th birthday no less!  (Don’t worry I’m over it now—it’s been 40 years!).  I sent out invitations and no one came.  I had to call them all up and ask if they were coming.  2 out of about 6 or 7 came. (I can’t remember frankly which—remember it was 40 years ago!)  Two people and they had to be reminded!  Geez!!  Of course at the time, I felt bad—what kid wouldn’t?  And it apparently still haunts me…a little. 

So what does my 16th birthday party have to do with books?  Well, I’m a published author.  You can find my book, “Communicating with Angels” on  Yep, just type in Blake Cahoon and you can still buy the book.  It’s a slim yet color-filled book on angels.  It was based on workbooks I used to teach angels classes awhile back.  It was published in 2009.

When it first came out, I was very excited.  I told all my friends and my family about the book—thinking of course they would do the kind thing and buy the book (only $12.99 at the time, now discounted down to $11.99).  Wouldn’t you buy their book if a friend wrote and published it?  How about your sister or brother?  Would you buy their book?  Especially if it was cheap?

I hope you would. This is what it means to be a good sibling or friend.  I’ve bought my friends’ books to be supportive of their work.  To acknowledge the effort and labor it went in to creating the work.  That is what friends do, right?

Did my friends or family buy my book?  Nope.  They did not.  Some finally did, after much prompting from me.   But I finally gave a copy of the book to my family and to a few really good friends.  Some read it (it was only 69 pages and the type was big for gods sweet sake!!) and some did not.  (Yes, sis, I’m talking to you—but you never read my blog so I’m safe.) 

My point here is not for you to feel sorry for myself.  Although if you want to buy the book it is available on   (Give me a nice review, why don’t you?  Nobody else has!  The book looks so lonely without any nice reviews.) 

It’s to point out that if you want to be a friend to others – do something nice for them if they do something they are proud of.  Whether it’s writing a book or being nominated for something or just winning a local spelling bee, make a fuss about it.  They would appreciate it!  Even if they humbly say that it wasn’t anything.  Just be appreciative and kind anyway. 

How good a friend are you?  Do something nice for your friends today—at least one of them.  Especially if they wrote a book and you haven’t bought or reviewed yet.

Do I remember my 16th birthday?  Yep.  Do I remember my book’s release in 2009? Yep.  I’ve got another birthday rolling around next week, so I’m in that kind of remembering mood—no, really you don’t have to even say Happy Birthday.  At this point, I’m not counting birthdays. 

But I do count on my friends—even when they let me down.  And of course, family is family.  I know I let down some of my friends down recently (none are writers, so I’m safe there.  Whew!) and I wouldn’t want them to hold it against  me.  Next week is also Thanksgiving.  So give thanks to having friends and family.  Even when they don’t buy or read your book.

Maybe they will when I publish my next book.  After all, it’s not easy being a writer.  Pass the stuffing, won’t you?

Love and Light and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Writer & Teacher, Published Author and Channel
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
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Giving Thanks
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

2 thoughts on “Appreciation is Appreciated

  1. Wow, you too had a birthday party that fizzled out?!?!?!? Guess there’s more of our there with that in our history than we may realize 🙂

    Your book is a great book (I’ve shared it with several people over time- I hope they bought it)!
    Blessings of a Happy Birthday, and Happy Thanksgiving! I’m looking forward to your next book 🙂

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