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Blake Cahoon is a writer, angel intuitive channel and spiritual teacher. She has written several angel books, loves hunting ghosts, talking with angels and lives in Kentucky.

Bluebirds and the Law of Attraction?

What does a Bluebird have to do with Law of Attraction?

So I am currently reading a book entitled: “How The Secret Helped Change My Life” by Rhonda Byrnes.  This book is a sequel to Rhonda’s bestselling book “The Secret” published in 2003.  This book helped introduced a lot of people to the universal or natural law of attraction which basically says like attracts like. 

I saw the The Secret movie years ago, purchased it and now use it for my students and people I mentor about all this stuff spiritual.  I was reading the sequel because one of my students showed it to me while we were in a library together prior to one of our workshops.  She had too many books and was going to put it back; I told her I’d take it.  Otherwise I probably won’t have even picked it up.  But the universe does arrange for things like this to happen – all very subtle and usually one thing leads to another.

I have recently been practicing a variety of manifestation techniques; but as with human nature until we make things a true habit, some actions and intentions slide off us and we forget to use what may be handy.  (This is why you need to read lots of books about the same subject or you go to church every Sunday.  Our memories are short and sometimes we need reminding.)

In the Change My Life book, people wrote letters telling her how The Secret worked for them.  One person wrote about manifesting something small like a red thimble.  If this stuff is new to you, the suggestion is to start with something small.

Well, some my manifestations felt rusty to me and weren’t really working the way I needed them to work.  I felt a minor tune up was in order. 

So I read this letter about the red thimble and said yes, I need to renew myself and start with something small.  But I didn’t want a red thimble, so I choose a blue feather.  Not only a blue feather—but a specific blue feather…for my mind immediately went to a local park where these unusually bright blue birds were.  These blue birds are particular to this area I guess – I never saw them up north.  Nor have I seen them in my backyard actually.  I’ve only seen them in this park about forty-five minutes away.

So I sent my request into the universe that I wanted to see a blue feather manifest in my life. 

Then I waited.  Then I forgot about my request.  (This is the key folks – let it go and let the Universe do its thing! Don’t worry about the How.)

Two days later, I happened to remember my request as a friend had sent me some new angel cards.  (I seemed to be collecting them!)  Within the deck was a picture of a blue feather!!!

(Pictures count!!!)

I smiled and nodded although it wasn’t quite what I asked for.  Something (or someone!) told me it was time to change the picture on my smart phone.  So my attention was drawn to that activity and as I scrolled on the available pictures that are offered – and there it was: my bluebird!!!  It was the same kind of bright almost metallic feathered  blue bird that I saw in the park and that was part of my request!!!  Yes—the universe had delivered exactly what I asked for.  Hey, birds have feathers! It counts!!

So my faith was restored and my belief that the law of attraction does deliver to me what I am thinking about was validated.   Ask, believe and receive!  Yep, it really does work!

And that is what blue birds have to do with the law of attraction!!!  Don’t you love the way the Universe works!!!

Blake loves the Cove Springs Park where she saw the first blue bird.  Nature has a way of waking us up and renewing our spirits!

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The Adventures of the Solar Eclipse 2017

There was much hype and excitement recently over the eclipse of the sun which took place on Monday, August 21, 2017 over the United States.  A narrow band of totality of the eclipse where people would be place into darkness as the moon complete hid the sun for a brief period of time stretched from Oregon to South Carolina.  

We are in Kentucky and the southwestern part of this state stretching into Tennessee would also be witness to the relatively rare occurrence.   Crowds of people flock to this band of totality including myself the day of the eclipse.

Yes it was very cool.  The moon was halfway across the sun when the light of the day began to dim;

 it was a weird half light.  The temperature dropped and the clouds moved away; the winds died down.  

We don’t realize how much the weather is affected by the sun until this type of event.

The really cool part was when the sun was totally covered by the moon and suddenly we were pitched into darkness — although not total darkness.  The sky was dark as it would be just as the stars would be coming out.  We didn’t see stars–but we did see a planet (probably Venus — known as the evening star).  We got to experience the crickets getting louder as they would at nighttime.  In the park where we were at, in Ashland City, TN, 20 miles from Nashville, we looked up during the entire event with our special glasses, handed out by the very kind local fire department.  

In less than 2 minutes, it was over.  Suddenly the moon moved away and a sliver of light shined down upon us.  It was only sliver and yet it was like the curtain which had just fallen and was once again raised and there was light!!!

A very cool sensation and lots of emotions that rang spiritual went through my mind.  It only takes a sliver of light to shine and create light everywhere!

Photo Credit: (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)

I personally basked in the afterglow, as the day became lighter once again. And hotter; fortunately the winds picked up again.  

We stayed and enjoyed the sights and sounds of nature as the throngs of travelers who had come to the park to witness this two minute event began making their way homewards.  For these hardy souls who were about to face the traffic jam of their lives, this event was over.  

Others of us stayed and meditated after the eclipse.  I received some personal insights and a sense of peace and it’s going to be OK.  Which it usually is when I let it.

My guides told me that some people will continue to feel the after effects, which could be anything from tiredness to headaches to unease to up tightness to….well pretty much what we felt before the eclipse.  But these would settle out in a few days.  Balance would come when they let it come back.  I was instructed by the Team to post on Facebook (FB/theangelicpath) a prayer of balance, which I did.  

So now that it’s all over–now what?  Was there any deeper meaning to this event beyond the astronomical ramifications?  And does the next eclipse coming in 2024 have any significance?  

We’ll be talking about all of this in upcoming posts (Wednesdays) and on Facebook posts and our Live FB show, Angelic Wisdom, as well in our newsletter.  

The future is what we make of it; but these events can be points of interest along the way.  Stay tuned and in the meantime, enjoy the ride!

Until next time!


Thank you for allowing us to serve you always, in all ways!

Many Blessings,

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel and Intuitive
The Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path

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Photo Credits: NASA

How to Deal with Difficult People

Weekly Blog

Today we will have a look at how to deal with difficult people.  

We all have them – those people who bug us, who we complain about, who frustrate us.

People can play massive mind games with us.  When we are polite, we call them ‘difficult’; when we aren’t polite we call them much worse.

None the less they can hamper us, hinder us and even make us sick when we let them get to us too much.  They may be our siblings, our spouses, our co-workers, our bosses or the people at the DMV.

How do you deal with these people?  Ignore them?  Lose sleep?  Get a stomach ache?  Disown them?  Quit your job?

Once upon a time, I too had a situation (among many—but this was the one that turned it around for me) – where someone was being very difficult in a project at corporate world work that was creating great issues for the project’s completion.

One day I came home frustrated and angry beyond belief.  My Divine Guidance Team is always with me and they certainly were that day.  I came home mad as a wet cat. (Normally cats don’t like water and a wet cat is an angry full-clawed hissing type creature you don’t want to be near!).

I came home and was cussing up a blue streak (yes, I do occasionally do this – it lets off steam!).

My Team inquired what was wrong in a rather calm fashion, as they are warranted to do.  One particular Team member, Master Yeshua, was the front-runner spokesperson that day.  I told him in no uncertain terms what was wrong, throwing my purse to the floor and stomping my feet as a child in a tantrum would do.

I finally said to him, “What should I do about this situation?”  His answer came unexpectedly.  

“Bless him,” he said.

“What!??!!”  I yelled back (it was cool to do so – he’s used to it).  “I can’t bless him!!” I yelled and went on for another fifteen minute rant and rave.  Finally I let him speak again and again he answered,

“Bless him.”  

At this point I knew for certain I was channeling an Acended Master, for I would never in my current state of mind come up with this incessant, peacefully, spoken answer.

I went into another fit of anger, but I was winding down.  It only lasted five minutes.

“Are you through?” he finally asked as I collapsed into a near-by chair.  

“Yes,” I said, exhausted.  

“Then you must dig deep down inside yourself and bless this person,” Master Yeshua stated.  “For in doing so you will dissolve the block that is holding you from your solution.”

I pondered this for a moment.  “Do I have to?” I whined.  I can be stubborn when I want to.

“Do you wish to solve your issue with this individual?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Then you must bless him,” came the answer again.

And so with this answer at hand, I ponder the Master’s answer.  

The next day, I had a meeting with the difficult person, along with the rest of the work team.  They too were fed up with the situation and were borderline difficult themselves.  The situation had been a toll on all of us.

As the project manager droned on about timelines and duties, I focused on Mr. Difficult.  I looked around the table. And I looked towards the ceiling (heavenwards) and silently, to myself, I said,

“Dear Angels, God, Master Yeshua and the rest of the Team, Please let me see this situation with new eyes and an open heart.  Let me heal myself and the others.  Let the bridge of knowledge between us flow openly. Let understanding flow between all parties and let there be peace among the team.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Then I dug deep into myself (and deep is an understatement) and had to find all that peace, understanding and even love among fellow team mates.  I finally found that sweet spot and sent out waves of beautiful white light, love and blessings to all, especially Mr. Difficult.  

I blessed them all and asked the angels and Team to bless them all, especially Mr. Difficult.

Then I sat and waited.  

I didn’t have to wait long – in less than 20 minutes, if that, the situation began turning around.  I expressed myself in the meeting not with frustration, but with renew understanding and sympathy.  Especially of Mr. Difficult, who turned out didn’t have a clue of what was being asked of him.  We helped him with this process going forward.

The dam was broken and the project progress started to flow again after weeks of backup.

Mr. Difficult became Mr. Cooperative.  The project, while it still had its bumps, preceded and finally finished only one week late.  

I am convinced it was because I did as Master Yeshua instructed: I blessed the situation and the people involved.  

I am also convinced that anyone can take this method and use it to their advantage.  For I have done so a number of times since then with positive results.

The next time you have a difficult situation, stop and dig deep (this may take some doing) and bless the person.    

Many ask: “What would Jesus do?” when dealing with difficult people.  I know the answer: Bless them.

(Master Yeshua is also known as Jesus Christ.)


We hope you enjoyed today’s article!

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Teacher/Writer & Channel
The Angelic Path 

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Weekly Energy Report – July 1 – 8, 2017

Weekly Energy Report – July 1 – 8, 2017

July Monthly Overview

Well, we have reached the seventh month, the first seven days and it’s 2017.  So does this mean?  It means there’s a lot of seven energy about and seven is a sacred number.  The number seven deals with spiritual awakening and spiritual development.  The first half of this year dealt with foundational issues as this is a “1” year  (2+0+1+7=10=1) which means many new beginnings. 

During the first half of the year, you were laying the foundation of the New Year down. Many of you experienced uploads and upgrades of your psyche; many now have new abilities and new insights as part of this process. 

Now you can begin to use these gifts more fully as we move into the second half of the year.  From now until the end of the year you will be given the opportunity to act upon that which you have learned up to now in a more fully robust way and manner. 

While this sounds like more challenges and issues – you have been given the ability to handle this and so now the universe is providing you that opportunity to test out your new abilities.  If you were a baby bird, it would time to fly and you now have the ability to do so.  So fly and be free!!!

July is just the beginning and your new abilities will only start to be tested.  We have no doubt you will pass any pop quiz with flying colors for you now have the abilities to do so.  You have the information to provide you with quick solutions and problem solving. 

Do not let worry be your guide—instead proceed with confidence.  You have this!  Really you do!!! 

And even if you find yourself caught up in a drama of which you think you can’t escape – call upon us angels to help you!  This is our job – keep us employed!!!

Overall the month of July will open with some dramatic energy because of the 4th of July holiday and other cosmic and world issue events.  Remember energy spills over and the world is experiences much of what goes on in the States too.  This energy may feel unsettling to the more sensitive souls.  Headaches, stomach issues and irritability may crop up from time to time.  The world remains an ever changing place.  Don’t pay too much attention to it and its ever changing pace – it will continue to be such for the next several years. 

Our suggestion is to meditate and ground as much as possible.  And turn off the news as much as possible.  Get outside, and drink plenty of water.  Now is not the time to play the pity card.  Muster your strength and move forward with a full heart of love and light for all.  Remember your new abilities are needed!  You are needed!  You are loved!


Here’s this week’s Energy Report: July 1 – 8, 2017

July 1 – 5 (Saturday through Wednesday)
The energies are both celebratory and yet dense at the same time.  Of course the holiday is the highlight of the summer and so many are out being with family and friends.  The very season allow such summer activities — many which are outdoors.  Caution is warranted because some people may be careless.  The energies may seem frantic at times.  There is a great cosmic dance going on and those in charge are fighting a good fight.  This fight is not yours to fight, but you may receive some of the backlash. 

We suggest going on about your celebrations activities knowing that higher sources will prevail.  Now is the time to take charge of making sure you have some down time and fun this holiday week.  No need to stress over anything as it will all clear up and be OK in the end.  Remember the more you worry, the more worry finds you!   Remember to practice relaxation whether walking in the woods or paddling by the lake or swimming in the sea.  Allow nature to be at the helm and don’t forget to ask the nature devas to help soothe out the energies for you.  Rest when you need to. 

July 6 – 8 (Thursday – Saturday)
The energies will attempt to steer you either back to work or the thought of such.  If you enjoy your work this will be a time of joy; if you don’t a time of stress could be at hand.  Don’t attempt to do everything at once.  The more unsettling energies will taper off a bit towards the weekend. Again, let the drama flow past you.   Grounding exercises and an afternoon nap may help.  Drink plenty of fluids (water). 

Moon Phases and Name:

Full Moon – July 9 (Buck Moon named as such for deer bucks start getting their antlers in at this time. Also known as Thunder, Wort or Hay Moon)

New Moon – July 23

  • Full Moon –Finish projects; put out essences and crystals for a moon bath.  More lunacy/craziness going on.
  • New Moon – new beginnings; start new projects.  Plant new seeds; renewed energies. Set new intentions, make new wishes.

Many Blessings,
The Divine Guidance Team
Blake Cahoon, Channel
The Angelic Path

Forgiveness – a way to better health and happiness


Here’s this week’s message from the Divine Guidance Team:

We often talk to you about forgiveness.  Indeed holding on to that which displeases, angers, upset or causes you fear or sadness will continue to cause more of the same.  Since like vibrations attract like vibrations, this is so; you call this the law of attraction.  Emotions are vibrational in nature.  You cannot tune your radio at 102.5 and expect to receive that radio station that is positioned at 89.1—they are not the same signals.  Emotions range in frequency also.

Thus you must learn to deal with your emotions, whatever they may be, in order to manifest that which you deserve and desire.  Low frequency vibrations, such as fear, sadness or anger do not correspond to higher frequency vibrations such as joy, happiness and contentment.

Once you realize that the situation has served you by showing you what you want versus what you don’t want (we call this a contrasting experience) – then you may take the effort and time to move towards that which you do desire.  This does not often happen overnight – indeed it is a process that may take anywhere from days to years to accomplish.  This also means moving from one emotional frequency to another. 

Often the situation will cause you great pain.  Forgiveness is a method of moving you from one frequency to higher frequency.  This is why we are so keen on forgiveness.  We know that you will need to move out of a lower frequency state into a higher frequency state to manifest your wants and needs.

While manifestation will occur at any frequency state, unless you wish to manifest more of the same, you are most likely looking for a relief to the contrasting experience and thus relief to the situation which is of a higher frequency than your current state.  Thus you wish to move up the vibrational and emotion scale.

Often you do not need to forgive the other(s) who has caused you the lower vibration emotional state, but you do need to forgive yourself.  So begin there.  Know that the situation was caused to create contrast in your life (and we are over simplifying here) and know it is okay to forgive yourself for creating or co-creating the situation.  (And again we are over simplifying the situation—again this is broad view perceptive of a larger process). 

Start with forgiveness and ask the angels to help you process the forgiveness.  Time indeed heals wounds and we realize that forgiveness isn’t always what you want to hear about.  But it is important that you forgive yourself first—not because it is your fault, for we are not looking towards blame here.  However it is a method of moving yourself towards a different set of emotions about the situation at hand.  This is what forgiveness is all about.

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path


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