Autumn is Here!

Holy Hill Shrine entrance
Holy Hill Shrine Stations entrance

I love the fall; anyone who knows me personally knows autumn is my favorite season of the year. This year is a colorful one for the leaves with nearby forests showing off their bright yellows, vibrant reds and cheery oranges. The weather has a nip in the air, but isn’t too cold yet and Halloween (my favorite holiday next to Christmas) is just around the corner.

Decorations are scattered about my home. Neighbors’ home are displayed with a yard full of tombstones and ghouls, along with the obligatory pumpkins!

Every year I travel north to see the changing leaves in the Kettle Moraine area; this year I visited Holy Hill, a sacred siteHoly Hill Church where a large Catholic church/monastery is known for its healing miracles, life sized stations of the cross statues and two towers, one of which you can climb the 178 steps to the top.  (I did not.) The large brick structure sits on the highest elevation in the southeast part of the Wisconsin state and offer panoramic views of the nearby landscape.

This place is very beautiful during fall and would be more peaceful, except it is a place for tourists to visit.  There were quite a few the day I visited.  Still the place held a type of tranquility and energy that lends itself to feeling the sacredness of the area.

20151014_140348 (1)
Panoramic View

I think this is another reason I like autumn – the peacefulness of the season.  Soon I will be dining with a friend or two and will enjoy hot cocoa – a treat at this time every year. This is the time to dine with friends and family, to scare and be scared (but in a playful way) and to begin the dance of hibernation, as the nights grow shorter and colder – at least here in the Midwest.
Each season brings us something new to look forward to. I look forward to the upcoming holidays, to being with old and new friends and even my family. And I even look forward to that day in late November when I turn another year older and so much wiser.

Enjoy this season – where ever you live. Play, dance, harvest and be thankful for all your blessings. That way more can come your way!

Happy Autumn!

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With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Writer/Teacher/Channel
The Angelic Path
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
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