Best of Blogs-Are You Living an Inspired Life?


Hello and welcome back to all our loyal readers and welcome to those who are just discovering this Blog.

We received some very nice e-mails in response to last week’s blog; I want to say thank you to all who did write–your thank you’s are what helps fuel my own passionpeaceful lake.

I never quite know what I plan to write in this space, but inspiration inevitably conquer the writing blocks.

Speaking of which, Dr. Wayne Dyer taught me that the word inspiration or to be inspired simply means “In spirit”? So when we are inspired, then we are truly connected to our Source or God or Universe or whatever you choose to call that which seems to allow us to be and thrive here on Planet Earth and beyond.

I have found inspiration in many things–from the weather –good or bad, hot or cold (and we’ve had both this last week!) to the purrs coming from my kitties, who now want to be on my desk most of the day, helping with my inspiration process, in between their catnaps.

What inspires you?

This is an important question to ask yourself at least 3 -4 times a year so that you can assess your life and see if you’re on track with the purpose you chose for being here. What inspires you? What fuels your fire? Feeds your passion?

Or has the fire burned out?

Too often people go through life on auto-pilot. They are almost too tired or too afraid of looking at their life; because then they would realize that they were unhappy with their life and the fire has either died down so low or been extinguished completely, that they don’t have the energy to rise up to greet life.

Then they have two choices: do something about it or do nothing and leave all at status quo.

The easy path, of course, is not to do anything–leave everything at status quo. For whatever reason, these people choose not to participate in life, but merely survive it.

Or you could actually trying living a fulfilled, happier, joy-filled, contented existence by fully embracing life and letting life embrace you.

Which person are you?

I know my answer–I embrace life. I choose to LIVE! For that really is what the Creator wanted for us. That is why the Universe opens its arms to us for the asking.

Did you know if you spell GOD backwards it is DOG — man’s best friend, who provides unconditional love?

Did you know if you spell LIVE backwards it is EVIL — the opposite of ‘to live’?

I hope this summer provides plenty of inspiration for you so you can chose to LIVE your life!

Remember–it is your life–Live It!

With Light and Love,

Blake is currently on vacation and hopes this blog helps inspire you while she’s gone. She’ll be back soon with new material, insights, messages and more!!

4 thoughts on “Best of Blogs-Are You Living an Inspired Life?

  1. Totally agree. Too often we are on autopilot. Especially around the holidays. We must keep moving forward. Autopilot is stagnation. Spiritually, there is no stagnation. If you aren’t going forward, you are going backwards.

  2. Great article! Yeah, you know what? I didn’t realize I was bored. I was kinda living that “status quo” and didn’t know it. It wasn’t until I decided to branch out into some areas of interest, and started taking some classes that I discovered a renewed passion and felt inspired. Actually I felt a fire was reignited, and became very grateful for the fulfillment and joy these new endeavors brought. Sometimes we don’t see things, maybe we aren’t looking. So yes, I agree tha it is a good idea to step back and look at the big picture. Decide what you want to do with your time, what your purpose is….who you want to serve and why. What steps ate neede to get there? What small action can I accomplish today. It is the little steps that get us to our destination.

    Some people make themselves visual maps, by finding pictures, articles, words, etc and gluing them onto a board or into a book. Some people journal or blog, some people pray, some people write lists… There are so many wonderful ways to do it. I think for me, I had come to a place in my life where I had a lot more time. I was being drawn to spend quiet time reflecting and found the courage to take a look and see things I wasn’t seeing previously. Namely that I have a few God-given gifts not in use, and that with a bit of refining could be beneficial to others as well as myself. So that it something I am very grateful for, becuase I am much more joy-filled.

    Anyway, just thought I would share that!

    Bottom line, explore your interests … Go ahead and take that class or buy that expensive set of tools for your hobby!


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