Blake Cahoon-Writer

Blake Cahoon has been writing fiction and non-fiction since she was eight years!  She is now an international bestseller featured in several anthologies, a novel series, and several spiritual books.  

Times That Were Before

As a spiritual writer, Blake has written books on angels, channeling, ghosts, and psychic development.  She works with the Divine Guidance Team to develop and create channeled books from the Team.

As a novelist, Blake Cahoon has written a series of fantasy time-traveling historical romance novels under the banner of Twist of Time.

Twist of Time Novels Order:
Book 1 – Twist of Time
Book 2 – Times That Were Before
Book 3- The Time That is Given Us
Book 4 – Time After Time
Book 5 – Just a Matter of Time

Our Twist of Time series releases a new book typically in May and October.  Available in softcover and Kindle through Amazon. Autographed copies available through our Web Store.

Blake will have a new novel series starting in July 2021!  This gothic romance is the Claybourne Manor series which explores the life and loves of the rich and powerful Claybourne family through the annuals of time.  First in the series is Under a Pale Moon!  Watch for it coming in July 2021!

Under a Pale Moon book cover

Reader Reviews for the Twist of Time series

 “I highly recommend this book for folks who love romance and like time travel.”

“Once I started reading, I was pulled into the story and had a hard time putting it down and finished it in a weekend. I especially love Blake’s use of calling for the angels to protect the main character in different situations. If you enjoy a good time travel romance…this is worth your time.”

“I became engaged in the story immediately. It’s an exciting novel incorporating time travel, ghosts, mansions (who doesn’t love those), and romance all with unique twists. I recommend giving it a read.”

“This was a real gem of a read – drew me in and kept me wanting more.”

“…I couldn’t put it down!”