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How to Deal with Difficult People

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Today we will have a look at how to deal with difficult people.  

We all have them – those people who bug us, who we complain about, who frustrate us.

People can play massive mind games with us.  When we are polite, we call them ‘difficult’; when we aren’t polite we call them much worse.

None the less they can hamper us, hinder us and even make us sick when we let them get to us too much.  They may be our siblings, our spouses, our co-workers, our bosses or the people at the DMV.

How do you deal with these people?  Ignore them?  Lose sleep?  Get a stomach ache?  Disown them?  Quit your job?

Once upon a time, I too had a situation (among many—but this was the one that turned it around for me) – where someone was being very difficult in a project at corporate world work that was creating great issues for the project’s completion.

One day I came home frustrated and angry beyond belief.  My Divine Guidance Team is always with me and they certainly were that day.  I came home mad as a wet cat. (Normally cats don’t like water and a wet cat is an angry full-clawed hissing type creature you don’t want to be near!).

I came home and was cussing up a blue streak (yes, I do occasionally do this – it lets off steam!).

My Team inquired what was wrong in a rather calm fashion, as they are warranted to do.  One particular Team member, Master Yeshua, was the front-runner spokesperson that day.  I told him in no uncertain terms what was wrong, throwing my purse to the floor and stomping my feet as a child in a tantrum would do.

I finally said to him, “What should I do about this situation?”  His answer came unexpectedly.  

“Bless him,” he said.

“What!??!!”  I yelled back (it was cool to do so – he’s used to it).  “I can’t bless him!!” I yelled and went on for another fifteen minute rant and rave.  Finally I let him speak again and again he answered,

“Bless him.”  

At this point I knew for certain I was channeling an Acended Master, for I would never in my current state of mind come up with this incessant, peacefully, spoken answer.

I went into another fit of anger, but I was winding down.  It only lasted five minutes.

“Are you through?” he finally asked as I collapsed into a near-by chair.  

“Yes,” I said, exhausted.  

“Then you must dig deep down inside yourself and bless this person,” Master Yeshua stated.  “For in doing so you will dissolve the block that is holding you from your solution.”

I pondered this for a moment.  “Do I have to?” I whined.  I can be stubborn when I want to.

“Do you wish to solve your issue with this individual?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Then you must bless him,” came the answer again.

And so with this answer at hand, I ponder the Master’s answer.  

The next day, I had a meeting with the difficult person, along with the rest of the work team.  They too were fed up with the situation and were borderline difficult themselves.  The situation had been a toll on all of us.

As the project manager droned on about timelines and duties, I focused on Mr. Difficult.  I looked around the table. And I looked towards the ceiling (heavenwards) and silently, to myself, I said,

“Dear Angels, God, Master Yeshua and the rest of the Team, Please let me see this situation with new eyes and an open heart.  Let me heal myself and the others.  Let the bridge of knowledge between us flow openly. Let understanding flow between all parties and let there be peace among the team.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Then I dug deep into myself (and deep is an understatement) and had to find all that peace, understanding and even love among fellow team mates.  I finally found that sweet spot and sent out waves of beautiful white light, love and blessings to all, especially Mr. Difficult.  

I blessed them all and asked the angels and Team to bless them all, especially Mr. Difficult.

Then I sat and waited.  

I didn’t have to wait long – in less than 20 minutes, if that, the situation began turning around.  I expressed myself in the meeting not with frustration, but with renew understanding and sympathy.  Especially of Mr. Difficult, who turned out didn’t have a clue of what was being asked of him.  We helped him with this process going forward.

The dam was broken and the project progress started to flow again after weeks of backup.

Mr. Difficult became Mr. Cooperative.  The project, while it still had its bumps, preceded and finally finished only one week late.  

I am convinced it was because I did as Master Yeshua instructed: I blessed the situation and the people involved.  

I am also convinced that anyone can take this method and use it to their advantage.  For I have done so a number of times since then with positive results.

The next time you have a difficult situation, stop and dig deep (this may take some doing) and bless the person.    

Many ask: “What would Jesus do?” when dealing with difficult people.  I know the answer: Bless them.

(Master Yeshua is also known as Jesus Christ.)


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Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Teacher/Writer & Channel
The Angelic Path 

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Who is Archangel Michael?


Archangel Michael is one of the best known Archangels. While there are quite a few archangels, the most familiar archangels known are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Originally the Archangel Michael was known as the Archangel of War. This is why he is often depicted as carrying a sword or in a fighting stance. His mission today is one of peace, my own angelic guide, Elijah tells me. His mission is to cut through human’s fears so that humans can better connect with their Source. Archangel Michael is also known as the great protector and his name is loosely translated to “Who is like God?”

Archangel Michael has appeared to many modern channels and psychics and he has allowed his image and name to be put into books, movies, literature and art. Check out the movie, “Michael” starring John Travolta for an irreverent look at the archangel.

Archangel Michael is associated with night, winter and the color blue. He also aids in cutting etheric cords that get attached to us by associating with other people in dramatic situations.

Call upon Archangel Michael anytime you are battling with any tough situation or need protection.  He is always there for you!

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
The Angelic Path
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Archangel Uriel – Light of God

Sunset of Lake Michigan
Archangel Uriel’s name means Light of God

Here is this week’s blog:

Archangel Uriel’s name means “Light of God” and his mission is often overlooked and misunderstood, according to my own personal guardian angel, Elijah.  This archangel is part of the four most common archangels according to some sources.

He is the Protector of the East, thus the beginning of each day. According to my resources he is the guardian of the mental realm. Career and jobs are ruled by Archangel Uriel. Science, economic and politics fall under his rule.

Elijah says, “Uriel is about beginnings and maintenance of those beginnings. He is symbolized by the color green and the season of spring. He is rebirth. Call upon him when starting a new journey and he will send his angels to help you stay on the path and stay the course.”

Some have called Archangel Uriel,  Archangel Ariel — however I have discovered there are two separate archangels.  Archangel Uriel is most depicted as a male, but is also shown as female.

Remember that angels really are not male or female, but they will come to us as one or the other, depending on what we need them to be. Tradition, ancient and scholarly texts plus cultural history has brought us the gender of each of the archangels.

There are many other archangels named throughout spiritual, religious and historical texts.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel, Writer & Teacher
The Angelic Path
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Who is Archangel Metatron?

Archangel Metatron
Archangel Metatron-artist unknown

I was meditating one day late a few years back when a spirit channeling comes forth. At the end of the message, I was instructed to write who the source author was. What I spelled out was Archangel Metatron.

To say I was surprised is an understatement. I never imagined I would receive any messages from this powerful archangel which the holy book of the mystic branch of Judaism called Kabbalah, the Zohar, describes Archangel Metatron as the ‘king of angels’. Other religious texts relate that his name means “One Who Guards” or “One who serves behind God’s Throne.”

Archangel Metatron has various spellings of his name that include Metaraon, Mitatron and even Megatron. According to the information I found on the web, he is associated with brilliant flashes of light and the smell of chilies and pepper corns. He is known to rule over man and observe his actions –noting good deeds and not so good deeds down in the Book of Life.

When I learned that he is often depicted guarding the Tree of Life and is associated with the Book of Life also known as the Akashic Records, it made more sense to me that I had attracted him, since I took various lessons on opening and reading from the Akashic Records and have the Akashic Records Masters as part of my spiritual entourage. The Akashic Records are the energetic imprint of each individual soul’s journey and are stored within the Akashic Library guarded by the Akashic Records Masters, according to metaphysical studies.

Archangel Metatron rules over this Library, so I am informed, and allows ultimate access to those he sees fit to receive it. He has the final say of what information is disseminated from the Records to the human populace.
Archangel Metatron is only one of two angels that were once human; he is the former Enoch of the Bible and Torah, a prophet who is well documented in these two holy books as well as other religious and spiritual texts.
He is associated with the colors of deep pink and deep green, the colors of the heart chakra. Pink symbolizes love while green symbolizes healing. I am also told that this deep green also symbolizes peace.

Archangel Metatron has come to me since and allowed me – strongly appealed to me – to create The Angelic Path (formerly Illuminated Engagements) on his and Archangel Michael’s behalf, as well as the other members of the team. Their messages are clearly of love and expansion of the human evolution that continues to take place since the pivotal year of 2012 and beyond. Again, I am honored to serve such an illustrious host.

Archangel Metatron’s messages can be found within the material that the Divine Guidance Team produces in their CDs, MP3s, DVDs and forthcoming books. Archangel Metatron reminds us that we are all part of a greater team of God’s children and we should all work together because of this. This is why the Divine Guidance Team came together as a team and didn’t come to me as a channel independently. The future will bring us closer together as a world community – now is the time to begin embracing these new concepts and future realities. To paraphrase: “Remember–no man is an island.”

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Writer, Teacher and Channel
The Angelic Path

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Holding the Light

angel_sIn this week’s blog the angels and ascended masters of The Angelic Path wanted to post on the subject of Holding Your Light.


Back in mid-2015, we asked our channel Blake to write a blog post about Shining Your Light. Your Earth is undergoing some dramatic events and situations  and Blake ask us then to address the situation.  We asked her in turn to pull up that older blog and rewrite it slightly, for our message then and our message now is very similar.

Your planet continue to evolve as your world continues daily shape and mold itself.  This is the natural progress of things.

One of the aspects of your planet, Earth, is the free will/choice conundrum.  Many others (living physical beings) in your universe do not have the amount of freedom in free will/choice you have on the planet you call Earth.  The amount of free will and choice you have is almost unique and is cause for much of your planet’s direction, i.e. so as the people go, so does your planet.

This is why we are so keen to teach you the Path of Illumination and Light.  For as you shine your Light into the dark places on Earth, you diminish the darkness and expose the darkness transmuting into in to Light, both spiritually and physically; both figuratively and literally.

Taking care of the world
Taking care of the world

This message has been given to many of the channels and spiritual messengers and teachers for many years now.  We do what we can to provide messages to you – whether it is talk with you directly or whether it is to provide additional research and reading material to you.  Whatever it takes, as we say.

Your earth is undergoing changes — it has always done so and will continue to do so.  How should you react?  By keeping and holding the Light of your highest vibrational being.  By blessing others, not condemning them.  By not hating, but by forgiveness.

Let those who are in charge of protection, protect and bless them in their journeys and tasks.

Remember to shine your Light and Love to dark places (places of fear and anger) by simply meditating daily.  Ask the angels to illuminate the darkness in people’s minds, souls and hearts.  Picture a huge spotlight hanging in the sky above places of war, fear and anger and turn on the spotlight onto these places. Send love to these people and places, through intention and prayer.

By doing this just five minutes a day, you help lift the world to a new and better understanding of itself.  You raise the planet’s vibration to a higher level.  In turn, you lift yourself to a new level of love and service to God and His Earth.   All of us are winners in the Light for your individual efforts.

Collect more than one person and hold group meditations on a regular basis and you all become winner in the Light on a group basis.

You are one voice, one person.  But just one person can and does make a difference.  Never forget this.  One voice in the darkness, Lighting the Way, has the power to make a profound difference in your world.  You have the power; you have the love and support of God and the angels behind you.  Start today and shine your Light.  Hold the Light.

Thank you!

The Divine Guidance Team

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel
The Angelic Path
Lexington, KY
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