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Holding the Light

angel_sIn this week’s blog the angels and ascended masters of The Angelic Path wanted to post on the subject of Holding Your Light.


Back in mid-2015, we asked our channel Blake to write a blog post about Shining Your Light. Your Earth is undergoing some dramatic events and situations  and Blake ask us then to address the situation.  We asked her in turn to pull up that older blog and rewrite it slightly, for our message then and our message now is very similar.

Your planet continue to evolve as your world continues daily shape and mold itself.  This is the natural progress of things.

One of the aspects of your planet, Earth, is the free will/choice conundrum.  Many others (living physical beings) in your universe do not have the amount of freedom in free will/choice you have on the planet you call Earth.  The amount of free will and choice you have is almost unique and is cause for much of your planet’s direction, i.e. so as the people go, so does your planet.

This is why we are so keen to teach you the Path of Illumination and Light.  For as you shine your Light into the dark places on Earth, you diminish the darkness and expose the darkness transmuting into in to Light, both spiritually and physically; both figuratively and literally.

Taking care of the world
Taking care of the world

This message has been given to many of the channels and spiritual messengers and teachers for many years now.  We do what we can to provide messages to you – whether it is talk with you directly or whether it is to provide additional research and reading material to you.  Whatever it takes, as we say.

Your earth is undergoing changes — it has always done so and will continue to do so.  How should you react?  By keeping and holding the Light of your highest vibrational being.  By blessing others, not condemning them.  By not hating, but by forgiveness.

Let those who are in charge of protection, protect and bless them in their journeys and tasks.

Remember to shine your Light and Love to dark places (places of fear and anger) by simply meditating daily.  Ask the angels to illuminate the darkness in people’s minds, souls and hearts.  Picture a huge spotlight hanging in the sky above places of war, fear and anger and turn on the spotlight onto these places. Send love to these people and places, through intention and prayer.

By doing this just five minutes a day, you help lift the world to a new and better understanding of itself.  You raise the planet’s vibration to a higher level.  In turn, you lift yourself to a new level of love and service to God and His Earth.   All of us are winners in the Light for your individual efforts.

Collect more than one person and hold group meditations on a regular basis and you all become winner in the Light on a group basis.

You are one voice, one person.  But just one person can and does make a difference.  Never forget this.  One voice in the darkness, Lighting the Way, has the power to make a profound difference in your world.  You have the power; you have the love and support of God and the angels behind you.  Start today and shine your Light.  Hold the Light.

Thank you!

The Divine Guidance Team

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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Love and Light Always,
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The Angelic Path
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The Letters Movie Review – Tribute to Mother Teresa

The Angelic Path Movie Review: The Letters 

Not many people know that, when I was a teenager, I had thoughts of becoming a nun.  Of course it would it have helped if I had been Catholic, but I was Presbyterian and we don’t have nuns.  And if I had ever voiced my opinion of about such a vocation, I would have never heard the end of it, as my Mother hated the Catholics (which is another long story for another time; essentially however it wasn’t her fault).

At any rate, I had thoughts of being cloistered away in some nunnery or at least doing good deeds for people.  Later as I explored my spiritual path, I found out that I had been a nun (and a monk!) in several past lifetimes, which no doubt helped with these thoughts of becoming a nun when I was teenager in this lifetime.

Today I watched the movie, “The Letters” which starred Juliet Stevenson as Mother Teresa.  The movie was about this wonderful woman’s life and how she was being considered to be a saint.  Apparently she wrote a series of letters throughout her lifetime as she moved from being a sister of the Loreto order in Calcutta, India in the 1930’s and 1940’s to the Reverend Mother of her own congregation in 1950’s.   She went on as an instrument of God serving the poor, the hungry, the unforgotten and the sick, accepting no credit but only insisting she was instrument of Christ and God.  She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and remain steadfast this insistence, despite thousands, albeit millions of people wanting to give her credit for the works with the poor she had done over her lifetime.

The movie is very good, probably a bit too slow for many of today’s audiences, but none the less very important in its poetic justice to a woman of God many times over. I would encourage those of you who are so moved to see the film.

Many of spiritual folks who know about ascended masters believe that Mother Teresa is now an Ascended Master; I know she deserves that title as well as being beautified. I know very little about the woman beyond her reputation, most of us don’t and this movie helps clarify and tell her story. But her dedication and works have always fascinated me and I walked out of the movie with tears in my eyes, as I was deeply moved by her life story.

We should all strive for such love in our work and living with others, no matter whom, what or where they are in their lives. Mother Teresa is surely an instrument of God and personifies the works that Jesus is so credited with doing in his short lifetime.   We admire this woman for her dedication and her love and wish we all could rise to this measure within our own lifetimes.

And perhaps in a small way we each can, as we treat others with understanding and kindness, each and every day.  A simple smile, a helping hand goes a long way in this world.  A small gesture for sure, yet an important one and one that each of us can give every day.

The Angelic PathI have always been fascinated with Saint Francis of Assai; it is said that this quiet monk who loved man and animals alike is the one of the personas of Master Kuthumi.  As Master Kuthumi is one of my main guides and one of the Ascended Masters who I talk to regularly, perhaps this is why I find St. Francis so comforting.  I know I like the fact he cared deeply for animals, which of course, I do too.

During Mother Teresa’s thank you speech for her Nobel Peace Prize, she recited the Prayer of Peace which is most widely attributed to Saint Francis.  I am reproducing it here, as I was not really familiar with it; although I’m sure I’ve heard it before.

But during this film, I really heard it and understood it much more and of course, I grabbed the nearest napkin when Mother Theresa concluded her speech in the movie.  I hope you find this prayer helpful in your everyday quest to Hold the Light, walk the path of angels and give to others. In this turbulent time and in this season of love and peace, this simple prayer may be a worthwhile tool to use to remind us to keep the peace and to love one another, unconditionally as God does with us.

Prayer of Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

As I finished this blog, I quickly did some internet research and found controversy surrounding the velocity of Mother Teresa’s work, the film, and the source of the Prayer of Peace.  Regardless, I stand by what I witnessed and felt today, based on my viewing of the film, “The Letters.”  If you decide to see this film, please note that the drama involved is minimal; this is not an action film, but rather a quiet contemplation of the woman called Mother Teresa, a saint to many in her lifetime.  And whose work from the Other Side continues today.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Thank you for allowing Blake and The Angelic Path to help serve you!     Follow our weekly blogs, sign up for our monthly newsletters; peruse our store for even more divine guidance and celestial wisdom! 

angelic pathLove and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel/Writer/Teacher
The Angelic Path
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Why Keeping the Faith is Important

Illuminated Engagements
What a wonderful view!
Lake Michigan, a block from my new home.
Picture by Blake Cahoon

Recently I moved—if you’ve been following this blog, you already know this.  For those who are just catching up—without the boring details—I moved 15 minutes north from Illinois to Wisconsin and a block from the Lake Michigan shoreline.  I call it my lake cottage and it’s beautiful, to say the least. The cottage is smaller than my old home was.  I got rid of my old home because the economy did a number on; like so many of us, I too got caught up in the debt net and the brief, still unemployment net.  And because I was holding on to something I no longer wanted, needed or could afford, but was too proud to let it go and move someplace smaller that was local, the universe stepped in wisely but firmly and caused chaos in my life for the last several months.  It didn’t take long to figure out that the why of the situation was to let go of my house.  But the details were like being on a roller coaster ride.  I’m not too fond of roller coaster rides—they make my stomach hurt.

Over the last several  years, I’ve used my imagination to picture myself in a smaller, cozier home surrounded by trees and nature.  In one scenario, I’m nestled among a prairie, with a Lake Michigan view.  My home is easy to maintain and is affordable.  I love my dream homes. 

This summer in the midst of chaos, I didn’t know what was going to happen or where I was going to land.  I did know that the house I built eleven years ago was no longer going to be mine.  I did know that soon I would be homeless and possibly jobless at the same time.  But I kept the faith.  Somehow it was going to be OK.

And it was.

While searching for a job in New York, I got a job in Illinois.  I accepted it.  I told my friends, I was coming home.  Someone knew of a rental home and I checked it out.  It was a combination of all my dream homes.  I snatched it up and prepared to move. Life was becoming less chaotic.  Faith had kept me afloat.

I love trees and nature, and my new cottage home has lots of old grown trees and a large back yard where I can see the lake!  I’m surrounded by wild overgrown prairie and forest, all which is protected so there’ll be no development near me.   It’s just a beautiful little place with an updated kitchen, wooden floors, wood deck and cathedral ceiling.   The cats love it, of course, exploring new outdoors places.   It’s cozy and cute and perfect for me at this time of my life.

Two months ago I didn’t know this place even existed.  I still thought I was moving to New York state to be with family.  Life to say the least was uncertain.  But I kept the faith.  I knew sort of why all the chaos was happening, but hadn’t figured out the details of where I was going.  But I kept the faith. 

When you have no idea what is going on in your life, this probably is the best action to take.  Keeping the faith, as Billy Joel sang, has its with it energy that can sustain you while the chaos settles down. I kept the faith–knowing I’d land where I was supposed to, when I was supposed to and how I was supposed to.  God and the angels promised me earlier that all would be all right and they were right (of course!).

Now two months later, I’m moved into my new lake home; I have a good paying interesting job, my two cats love their new home and all is right again with the world.  Oh, the old house still is lingering with lawyers and bank negotiations still working themselves out—but I have faith that it too will be taken care of shortly.  I have faith.

My point is—keep the faith.  As Rudyard Kipling once wrote, and I paraphrase, “When all are losing their heads around you, and if you keep yours, then truly you are a man, my son”….or something to that effect.  Essentially, I know that what he was saying is—buck up when all is chaotic—keep the faith and you’ll go far.  I know I have—by keeping the faith.  Life is good again and that is why having faith is so important.

With Light and Love Always,

Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
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The Power of Prayer

Morgan of Illuminated EngagementsYesterday I took my beloved cat, Morgan to the vet, thinking he was on his last legs.  He didn’t look well at all and I believed I was taking him to be taken out of pain and have him join the angels.  Rarely, do I use my Facebook platform for personal use, but I couldn’t write my usual blog yesterday—so caught up was I with my cat’s illness.

On Facebook, I posted that I would like prayers and support for my cat—most light workers are animal lovers and they could sympathize my plight, as well as my cat’s.

This morning, the vet called—lo and behold—Morgan was improving!!  He wasn’t in renal failure as I suspected or thought (this is why I’m not a vet!)…instead he did have digestive problems and while he’s not out of the woods yet—the prognosis is one of life not death!

I am truly grateful and I truly believe that it was the support of the Facebook fans that provided prayer and support, along with family and friends that turned the tide on this situation.  So again, thank you to all who prayed over my cat’s health.

Scientific studies have shown that the power of prayer works.  The power of thought is now being harnessed and is a powerful force.  Words come from forth from these thoughts and they add to the vibration of thought.  Prayer, I believe, is thought magnified and directed and enhanced by powers unseen.

I was asked recently, why angels?  And I said because angels are a symbol of hope.  We all need hope, especially in today’s world.  This is why I teach people about angels.

Today, you are my angels—for with your kind thoughts and prayers my beloved cat is on the way to recovery.  I am humbly in true appreciation and thankfulness to all.

Keep the hope!  Keep believing!

With Love and Light Always,

Rev. Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Teacher & Channel
& The Divine Guidance Team
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Best of Blogs: Never Give Up Your Dreams!

Illuminated EngagementsWhile Blake is suffering from a bad head cold, we present to you one of our more popular blogs:

These are tough times for some – of that there is no doubt—right? I mean the news media tells us every day how bad the economy is—unless it’s a politician or two or three. So should we give up on our dreams? Our goals? Our passions? Should we let the naysayers kill the spirit that may still hide deep inside us?
The answer of course my friends is a resounding NO!

The fact is you make your own reality in this life or any other life you may have. It is part of Universal Law. You can let others decide for you the decisions of your life – your parents, your school and teachers, your government, your religion and your news media – but the ultimate decision whether you listen to any of these external factors or you listen inwards –into your own heart, soul and gut—is your choice.

Don’t give up on your dreams just because of external forces – instead embrace them and fight for them.
Here’s an article that might help you win your battle:

Holding On To Your Dreams

With Love and Light Always,
Blake and the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being