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The Letters Movie Review – Tribute to Mother Teresa

The Angelic Path Movie Review: The Letters 

Not many people know that, when I was a teenager, I had thoughts of becoming a nun.  Of course it would it have helped if I had been Catholic, but I was Presbyterian and we don’t have nuns.  And if I had ever voiced my opinion of about such a vocation, I would have never heard the end of it, as my Mother hated the Catholics (which is another long story for another time; essentially however it wasn’t her fault).

At any rate, I had thoughts of being cloistered away in some nunnery or at least doing good deeds for people.  Later as I explored my spiritual path, I found out that I had been a nun (and a monk!) in several past lifetimes, which no doubt helped with these thoughts of becoming a nun when I was teenager in this lifetime.

Today I watched the movie, “The Letters” which starred Juliet Stevenson as Mother Teresa.  The movie was about this wonderful woman’s life and how she was being considered to be a saint.  Apparently she wrote a series of letters throughout her lifetime as she moved from being a sister of the Loreto order in Calcutta, India in the 1930’s and 1940’s to the Reverend Mother of her own congregation in 1950’s.   She went on as an instrument of God serving the poor, the hungry, the unforgotten and the sick, accepting no credit but only insisting she was instrument of Christ and God.  She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and remain steadfast this insistence, despite thousands, albeit millions of people wanting to give her credit for the works with the poor she had done over her lifetime.

The movie is very good, probably a bit too slow for many of today’s audiences, but none the less very important in its poetic justice to a woman of God many times over. I would encourage those of you who are so moved to see the film.

Many of spiritual folks who know about ascended masters believe that Mother Teresa is now an Ascended Master; I know she deserves that title as well as being beautified. I know very little about the woman beyond her reputation, most of us don’t and this movie helps clarify and tell her story. But her dedication and works have always fascinated me and I walked out of the movie with tears in my eyes, as I was deeply moved by her life story.

We should all strive for such love in our work and living with others, no matter whom, what or where they are in their lives. Mother Teresa is surely an instrument of God and personifies the works that Jesus is so credited with doing in his short lifetime.   We admire this woman for her dedication and her love and wish we all could rise to this measure within our own lifetimes.

And perhaps in a small way we each can, as we treat others with understanding and kindness, each and every day.  A simple smile, a helping hand goes a long way in this world.  A small gesture for sure, yet an important one and one that each of us can give every day.

The Angelic PathI have always been fascinated with Saint Francis of Assai; it is said that this quiet monk who loved man and animals alike is the one of the personas of Master Kuthumi.  As Master Kuthumi is one of my main guides and one of the Ascended Masters who I talk to regularly, perhaps this is why I find St. Francis so comforting.  I know I like the fact he cared deeply for animals, which of course, I do too.

During Mother Teresa’s thank you speech for her Nobel Peace Prize, she recited the Prayer of Peace which is most widely attributed to Saint Francis.  I am reproducing it here, as I was not really familiar with it; although I’m sure I’ve heard it before.

But during this film, I really heard it and understood it much more and of course, I grabbed the nearest napkin when Mother Theresa concluded her speech in the movie.  I hope you find this prayer helpful in your everyday quest to Hold the Light, walk the path of angels and give to others. In this turbulent time and in this season of love and peace, this simple prayer may be a worthwhile tool to use to remind us to keep the peace and to love one another, unconditionally as God does with us.

Prayer of Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

As I finished this blog, I quickly did some internet research and found controversy surrounding the velocity of Mother Teresa’s work, the film, and the source of the Prayer of Peace.  Regardless, I stand by what I witnessed and felt today, based on my viewing of the film, “The Letters.”  If you decide to see this film, please note that the drama involved is minimal; this is not an action film, but rather a quiet contemplation of the woman called Mother Teresa, a saint to many in her lifetime.  And whose work from the Other Side continues today.

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What are Ascended Masters?

Kuthumi portrait; late 1800’s.
What are Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters became masterful and achieve ascended status in a dimensional plane by first becoming masters of their own lives while being human. They did this by becoming wise, intelligent and compassionate among other human traits. They thought of others first and not themselves. They weren’t into personal gain or status. They left ego at the door.

Listed among ascended masters are various gods and goddesses as well as figures of mythology, lore and legends. Several masters are angelic in nature such as Archangel Metatron or Archangel Michael or part of nature, such as the Green Man. Some ascended masters were once human; some never were. Many of the humans had many lifetimes before they reached a status of ascended.

Among the most popular ascended masters are Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, El Morya, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Saint Germain, Master Kuthumi, Sananda, and Melchizedek. All of these masters are popular with various people who regularly bring forth their messages from the ethers, heavens or other dimensional places of being.

I first became familiar with ascended masters when I came across the oracle card deck that was created by Doreen Virtue, the popular author and spiritual teacher on angels. This card deck, “Messages from the Ascended Masters” is a beautiful deck of oracle cards with wonderful paintings of many of the ascended masters along with a message from each master as brought forth from Dr. Virtue. This card deck is a favorite of mine and has provided me much insight and guidance prior to my accessing the Divine Guidance Team. Even now, I’ll ask a question, deck in hand and pull out a few of the top cards, to gain a quick answer and insight.

The ascended masters help those who ask for help. They are much like angels in that regard. You have to ask for help – its part of the life lesson we all must learn and it is also part of the edict of free will – it mustn’t be interfered with. Reach out simply to an ascended master by going into a meditation, grounding yourself and calling out their name or let one who is best suited to your immediate needs come to you. Ask: “Dear Master – Please come forward and help me now with my problem of …..”. Be sure to act respectful – these beings are powerful and didn’t earn the title of Master but sitting on their laurels! Be sure to say thank you – even if you didn’t get a message at first. Watch for signs that your request has been heard. Unusual items that show up 3 times are usually a sign. Often though, we aren’t watching for these signs. And we also have to decipher their meaning! That can be the most fun or frustrating part about receiving messages from divine beings and spiritual guidance.

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake was surprised when she found she had the Ascended Master Lord Master Kuthumi on her Divine Guidance Team. She has found him to be of very wise and patient counsel and is happy he’s on her team!

What is Channeling? – Part 5

Lord Melchizedek
Lord Melchizedek-artist unknown
We’ve looked at what channelers are and are not; the methods of delivery and what it takes for a channel to be clear.

But who does a channel bring forth messages from?

Well, from high vibrational beings – not lower vibrational beings. Lower vibrational beings include ghosts and spirits and some spirit guides, which originate from earth or beyond. Spirit guidance comes in many flavors and levels. Some are not trained in proper guidance techniques, others are still in training and others have been fully trained and are qualified as higher vibration beings.

Higher vibrational beings include the angelic realm of archangels and angels, the elemental kingdom which links us to Mother Earth, to the world of ascended masters and to high level vibrational non-physical energy beings from beyond our physical Earth plane. Multi, intra and inter-dimensional beings may also fall into this category of channeled beings.

All of these high vibration beings are either semi or non-physical beings—or in other words they are typically invisible to us Earth residents. There are exceptions to this statement as often dimensional beings may appear to us when we work closely enough with them. Also some channels and mediums can see various dimensional beings, either naturally or they have been trained to do so. Think ‘Ghost Whisperer’ here.

Many channel Archangel Michael, who I also channel and is part of the Divine Guidance Team and co-founder of Illuminated Engagements. Many also are a channel for the very powerful Archangel Metatron, although according to my current research not as many as Archangel Michael. Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi is also a favorite for a handful of channels, so I feel privileged to now be counted as part of this elite group of channels. Both Archangel Metatron and Lord Master Kuthumi are part of the Divine Guidance Team.

There are many who channel a variety of the many who are Ascended Masters. Some of the more popular Ascended Masters who are channeled included Sanada, El Morya, Kwan Yin, Pallas Athena, Melchizedek, St. Germaine and Merlin, among many others.

The Orion group energies originated from the Orion solar system and appear to many channels. I was introduced to this group from one of my research books; I had done a meditation exercise and suddenly I had three new guides from Orion! They introduced themselves as Bartholomew, Malachi and Ellery. These three round out my Divine Guidance Team of Illuminated Engagements.

Other star systems have other group of non-physical entities attached to them including Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius and even Alpha Centri. There are quite a few channels that bring forth various messages from these and more systems.
All of these beings bring forth messages of high wisdom, divine guidance and love and good will. Negative emotions and messages of fear and judgment are not part of these inspiring beings. This is another way of knowing if a channel is clearly gaining information from a trusted source: there isn’t any fear mongering or negative judgment being delivered. These beings come from a place of love and guidance. They are here to help us, not harm us. They bring us loving messages of high wisdom and guidance to help and guide us on our daily spiritual path.

As we move forward with more information about channeling, we will now begin to examine the Divine Guidance Team of Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Author of “Connecting with Angels: Communicating with God’s Messengers,” available @
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Discontentment Causes Imbalance

Discontentment Causes Imbalance – a message from Lord Master Kuthumi

“Now in the winter of our discontent…”, so wrote Shakespeare. If indeed it was Shakespeare who wrote it and not some other elusive author who has yet to be reattributed. The controversy continues to this day after hundreds of years of debate. None the less, it will be the name of William Shakespeare, if not the actual man who wrote those words so many years ago.

Discontent…this is a word that in and of itself allows room for discussion. Discontent. What does it mean? We could look up the word in Webster’s, or any dictionary and we’d find the following: mild unhappiness and dissatisfaction; a person feeling this or a longing for something better, nee a restless desire for something better.

It’s that restless desire—that longing for something better—different – new—albeit even the hope for something exciting that causes the effects of discontentment.

While the causes of discontent in your world are many – lack of money, loss of hope, boredom, among other many causes – why do you allow this feeling to exist in your world? Do you really feel so trapped and lost that you let an entire season, much less years, of this ongoing feeling of discontentment to rule your life?
We know that the reason for discontentment is an underlying cause of something greater in your life. Perhaps the immobility to move forward –either causes by circumstances beyond your control or something you want keep in your life to feed a wounded soul.

Discontentment should be a wakeup call. It is a signal to you that something in your life is out of balance. This something should be examined and recognized as something that should be changed.
Discontentment leads to distractions if not examined. It leads you off your life path which should be one of contentment and balance, peacefulness and joy. If your life path is not filled with these life-giving attributes, then your soul is being sucked dry. Illness and ill fortune will become your lot in life. Unless this is something you planned for in the in-between-time (the time between carnal lives), this is not a conducive state of being for anyone.

Discontent is a mild emotional state that should serve as a wakeup call and alert you to begin to look for something better. That something better is defined by you. By examining what you don’t like in your present world – that which is causing you to be filled with discontentment – you can begin to discover it’s opposite or contrasting state of being –that which would fill you with contentment and peace.

The next time this emotional state of being rises to your attention span – look and find it’s opposite. Only by contrast do we discover that which would make us happier in the long run. The take steps to move away from discontentment and towards peace and ultimately joy.

Now you are back in balance. Good health, joy and laughter will be the norm and allow success and prosperity to flow back into your life. This is what the human life on your planet is meant for. It is not for strive always, but towards peace and contentment, joy, happiness and your self-definition of success. Strive, like discontentment, is there for contrast. Once you know what you don’t want, then you can begin to move towards what you do want.

This is the way of your planet. Enjoy the ride!

Lord Master Kuthumi
Channeled by Blake Cahoon
April 17, 2012