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Bluebirds and the Law of Attraction?

What does a Bluebird have to do with Law of Attraction?

So I am currently reading a book entitled: “How The Secret Helped Change My Life” by Rhonda Byrnes.  This book is a sequel to Rhonda’s bestselling book “The Secret” published in 2003.  This book helped introduced a lot of people to the universal or natural law of attraction which basically says like attracts like. 

I saw the The Secret movie years ago, purchased it and now use it for my students and people I mentor about all this stuff spiritual.  I was reading the sequel because one of my students showed it to me while we were in a library together prior to one of our workshops.  She had too many books and was going to put it back; I told her I’d take it.  Otherwise I probably won’t have even picked it up.  But the universe does arrange for things like this to happen – all very subtle and usually one thing leads to another.

I have recently been practicing a variety of manifestation techniques; but as with human nature until we make things a true habit, some actions and intentions slide off us and we forget to use what may be handy.  (This is why you need to read lots of books about the same subject or you go to church every Sunday.  Our memories are short and sometimes we need reminding.)

In the Change My Life book, people wrote letters telling her how The Secret worked for them.  One person wrote about manifesting something small like a red thimble.  If this stuff is new to you, the suggestion is to start with something small.

Well, some my manifestations felt rusty to me and weren’t really working the way I needed them to work.  I felt a minor tune up was in order. 

So I read this letter about the red thimble and said yes, I need to renew myself and start with something small.  But I didn’t want a red thimble, so I choose a blue feather.  Not only a blue feather—but a specific blue feather…for my mind immediately went to a local park where these unusually bright blue birds were.  These blue birds are particular to this area I guess – I never saw them up north.  Nor have I seen them in my backyard actually.  I’ve only seen them in this park about forty-five minutes away.

So I sent my request into the universe that I wanted to see a blue feather manifest in my life. 

Then I waited.  Then I forgot about my request.  (This is the key folks – let it go and let the Universe do its thing! Don’t worry about the How.)

Two days later, I happened to remember my request as a friend had sent me some new angel cards.  (I seemed to be collecting them!)  Within the deck was a picture of a blue feather!!!

(Pictures count!!!)

I smiled and nodded although it wasn’t quite what I asked for.  Something (or someone!) told me it was time to change the picture on my smart phone.  So my attention was drawn to that activity and as I scrolled on the available pictures that are offered – and there it was: my bluebird!!!  It was the same kind of bright almost metallic feathered  blue bird that I saw in the park and that was part of my request!!!  Yes—the universe had delivered exactly what I asked for.  Hey, birds have feathers! It counts!!

So my faith was restored and my belief that the law of attraction does deliver to me what I am thinking about was validated.   Ask, believe and receive!  Yep, it really does work!

And that is what blue birds have to do with the law of attraction!!!  Don’t you love the way the Universe works!!!

Blake loves the Cove Springs Park where she saw the first blue bird.  Nature has a way of waking us up and renewing our spirits!

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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda….Not!

I was talking to my angels the other day and doing an exercise about my past.  Essential they asked me during my discussion with them, if I had the choice to go back into my own timeline and start over again, and keep all the wisdom I have now, so I could change my current life, what would be the point in time I would go back to? 

And so I started thinking about pivotal times in my life – moments that changed the course of my life, which started at age 4 and moved all the way to just a few years ago.  And while I first thought about going back to childhood, I quickly removed that option – as I didn’t want to repeat all the nonsense I learned in school all over again.  Of course, I’d know most of the answers, so I’d probably be deemed a genius.  But many parts of my childhood was rough for me in many ways and dealing with all the crap I had surrounding me was not appealing – at all.  Of course, other parts were great. 

And so after much discussion, exploration and lots of thinking—I decided, no I didn’t want to go back and ‘fix’ anything because so much was already broken around me and I didn’t want to deal with that stuff I would have to deal with as a result of going back in time.

But I did appreciate this exercise.  Why don’t you try it yourself sometime?  See at what point you’d try to change your future, with the wisdom and knowledge you have in the present, but keep all the drama that may have surrounded you then. 

Could you have changed your past to make a better future?  In some ways, yes and other ways no.  Would you have?  Should you have? 

Who you are today is a reflection of your past –whether you are years young or years old or somewhere in between. 

At any time, you can choose to change your future – by creating your world now.  You can stay in your past and let it define you, or you can choose what parts of your past you wouldn’t be able to change anyways and so you might as well accept it—and move on.  You are who you are because of it. 

How do you want your tomorrow to be?  You may not be able to change or even want to change you past, but your tomorrow starts with today.  Make it a great one!


Would You Like a Do-Over?

The other day I posted about an exercise I had with my angels about my past.  After the exercise, when I realized I didn’t really want to literally go back in time and change my past as a result of dealing with other things in my life I didn’t want to deal with and that would remain the same – I realized with the help of my Divine Guidance Team that I didn’t need to go literally back in time – but I could do so in my mind – fix my issues – and maybe gain some clarity about my current life. 

Having clarity in one’s life is always helpful for present day answers to present and past day questions.

So how do you do a Do-Over?  Here’s some steps to get you started:

  • First, relax…you can do this exercise while lying down or sitting up; first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If you fall asleep, it’s OK—your dreams that night may also give you clarity.
  • Second, go back in your mind to a point where life ‘changed’ for you – or where you would like to make life better for your future. This point can be anywhere in your life.  In fact, you may have several points that were turning points for you, but right now just choose one time in your life, from which you want to have a different outcome.
  • Start remember some of the details of that time – this could be painful to you. But know this is in the past.  Ask your angels to help you ease the pain surrounding this time, as needed.  Cry and get angry if you must, be in a moment you will be changing this outcome so don’t allow yourself to become so overwrought with emotion that you can’t do this exercise!
  • Bring your angels in to help you heal your wounds of the past. Ask Archangel Michael to cut the karmic and ethereal cords of this situation that no longer serve you.  Ask Archangel Raphael to heal the broken spirit and heart that lies within.  Let the angels in so they can do their work to help you.  Open your heart to them.
  • Now that you remember how the bad or turning point situation went, start manipulating the situation towards the outcome you would have like to have happened. You do this with your imagination.  Take as much time as you need to imagine how you want it to be not as it was.  Here you can turn things around in your favor.  Be as vivid and detailed with the event as possible.  Bring in your sense of smell, touch and taste as needed to create a living motion picture in your mind’s eye.   Take your time and move through the scene knowing you are in charge of the situation.  You are the victor, not the victim.  Breathe deeply and square back your shoulders if you are able.  This moves the energy towards strength within your body as well as within your emotions. 
  • Continue picturing the event or situation as you wish it to have been. No longer should you focus on what was, but instead focus on only what you want it to be.  Enjoy the scene as much as possible.  Feel the emotions of courage, strength and love within yourself and others as the scene moves forward.
  • Wrap up the scene in your mind’s eye with a positive and productive outcome. Just before you come back to the present moment, ask the angels to enforce the healing of the situation of what was and put into effect this new scenario for you.  Ask Archangel Raphael to heal your wounds and ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords of the negative past and provide you strength as you move forward today with this your new, positive outcome. 
  • Come out of your meditation exercise with gratitude and appreciation for the angels’ help and your own courage and strength to move through this process. If you fell asleep, then do your thank you the next morning when you remember to do so.

In the days following this healing exercise, remember to enforce the new experience that now replaces the old.  Ignore the old and only focus on the new, with love and appreciation.  

Don’t be surprised if those who may have been present during the past times you looked at, begin to act more kindly to you.  This exercise, which psychologists call re-patterning, can be a powerful spiritual tool and has been used for many a century to change the outcomes of many a life.  The energy attached to this type of exercise is powerful and can change your present on the physical level, which of course is helpful to you, both on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Allow about a week, before trying this exercise again for any other turning points you want to change from your past.

Permit yourself to who you desire to be as you continue to move forward in your life.  Ask your angels for help along your life’s path.  They are very happy to do so, for this is their joy and purpose.

Can you do a Do-Over for a better outcome?  The answer is yes.  Yes, you can.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Writer/Teacher/Channel
The Angelic Path
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Whining and Winning

sad face

Do you know whiners in your life?
How does the Universe treat whiners?
How do you turn whiners into winners?

Every once in a while I play the lottery or get a scratch-off at my local supermarket.  Lately I’ve managed to get $1 winning tickets.  I finally cashed in one of these winners the other day.   The young lady behind the counter looked up my ticket to see if I had won anything else –apparently that’s possible—I don’t play often so I didn’t know.

She told me that she gets jealous and envious when someone wins big – of course she delivered this piece of news in an offhanded, friendly conversational manner.  But her rhetoric was a perfect example why she probably will never win big.   I’m not quoting exactly here, but paraphrasing my interpretation of how the conversation went:

Illuminated Engagements
This is the type of wine one enjoys!

“Yeah, I hand out these big winnings to folks, like someone won $500 one day.  And I thought, man, why can’t I win big like that?  These folks always get the winning tickets and I don’t get any.  It isn’t fair.”

Can you see how she might not ever get a winner?  The simple truth is she is a whiner, not a winner.

When we whine about life, life will continue to give us more of what we are whining about.  Remember this is the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect at work.   What you put out into the world will come back to you.   Good, bad or indifferent.

So instead of whining about not winning – this young lady and any others who are whining about something in their life, should bless those who do win.  Yep – bless them and be grateful for their winnings.  Send them love, not jealousy or envy.  Be happy for their good fortune.

Or is it all about you and only you?

When we complain and whine, it’s because we’re not satisfied with our lives.  But this should not preclude how others are doing in their lives.  Obviously they figured out that to bless is the best and to whine is die on the vine.

How are showing up in your life?

Illuminated Engagements
You can learn to Change…

Yes, the Universe knows it’s sometimes hard not to whine and it’s sometimes hard to be envious of others and their good fortune.  But it’s up to you to change your circumstances.

And that first step is to be more aware of what you are sending out in the world.  The second is to bless others first without a hidden agenda and then you too will be blessed accordingly.  The Universe will look after you according to what you are sending out to the world.  Bless others and the world will bless you back tenfold in strange and clever, mysterious ways.

Remember like attracts like and what goes around comes around.  Simple principles of life that need to be remembered.

Again, what are you telling the world?

Are you a winner?  Or are you a whiner?  You can tell us…recognizing your faults is the first step to correcting them.  Let us know how you react to life when it doesn’t go your way…and tell us how you show up when it does go your way. 

Love and Peace,

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel
The Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path
Lexington, KY 

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Blake wanted to tell this young lady not to address the situation the way she was, but there are some people who will not listen not matter what.  And that’s OK—they just aren’t ready. But are you?

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Learn about Abundance


Each week day we offer our Daily Messages from the Divine Guidance Team.  I’m going to try and offer several of these message here so these fine messages can reach a larger audience.  Hope you enjoy this one on Abundance!


Here’s today’s message from the Divine Guidance Team:

Abundance is a popular subject with humans; for of course you immediately think of money when you speak of abundance.

But to be clear, we divine beings think of abundance as more than just money.  If you have love, great health, lots of friends, lots of ‘stuff’, lots of food, a great house and a great job – well, all of that is abundance too.  Of course for most of you in order to have all of that you have a great deal of money to boot – and then you don’t ask for money – or abundance – for you already have it!

When you have money, you don’t ask for more and this is when you should be asking.  For when you are set up within the vibration of enough money (or anything for that matter), it is much easier to manifest it in your lives, then when you don’t.  For when don’t have enough of money (or anything else for that matter (do you start to see a pattern here?), you are not in a vibration of receiving more, you are worried about the lack of the money instead.  And when you are in “lack” mode – worrying and fearing that which you lack, you cannot move to a “have” mode.  The frequency of the vibration is too far apart and in order for you to manifest anything, your frequency has to match or align to that which you are attempting to manifest.

So when you send out vibes of “lack”, you receive more “lack”.  But when you’re already in a happy place of not needing or “non-lack”, then you’re in a different vibrational frequency.  And manifestation occurs easily, because you’re manifesting from a different angle.  Do you understand?  This is the law of attraction at work: like attracts or brings to it like.

This is why the rich are rich – they understand that you don’t start worrying about money when you’re running out of it – but rather you work at retaining and maintaining your wealth at all times.

In fact, if you are complaining about the rich and you want to be rich – you never can be.  For you can’t attract your desires if you are complaining about them (this again goes for more than just money.)

So bless the rich and when you have a few dollars in your pocket that you satisfied with, then begin your attraction for more.  Use your affirmations and inspirational sayings before, not after.  Think of your money in terms of good, not evil.  Bless the rich and wealthy — and if you can’t then study the situation further and learn that not all rich people are evil.  There are many they are wonderful rich people who are kind and giving people.  Find them and study them.  And ask when you have, not when you have not.  And abundance will be yours.

Many Blessings of Light & Love,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path
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After Note:  Tithing and giving also are methods of allowing abundance to flow back to you.  Try it and see!

What will our Tomorrow Look Like?

What will our tomorrow be?
What will our tomorrow be?

Yesterday, I went to see “Tomorrowland” which stars George Clooney.  This movie is produced by Disney.  I can highly recommend this movie all of my spiritual friends.  In fact, the movie is very spiritual in nature and provided me with renewed optimism and motivation for our future.

This blog isn’t a movie review beyond this blurb…but does touch on the subject of our future – i.e tomorrow.

What are you doing about tomorrow?  Not only on a personal, but professional and planetary level?  Too much of our news and media is wrapped in the gloom and doom of tomorrow.  As a student of film and TV production (yes, this is where my college degree is); we were taught as broadcast journalism students: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Unfortunately this idiom is still in effect.  Why?  Why do people continue to flock to blood and gut type of events, when every Christmas everybody is asking for peace on earth?

Folks, we can’t have it both ways!   Law of attraction says like attracts like.  So the more violence we have, the more greed we have, the more ego and ego-laden events we have, the less peace we will have.

You can’t ask for peace and expect peace if you’re tuned into nightly news, playing violent video games and cheering your latest boxing match.  The frequencies of these events aren’t in alignment.

Many feel if they ask for peace, then life will be boring.  I’ve written about this before.  But peace can be very fulfilling – as the song says: give it chance!

The Law of Attraction is here to stay.  But we won’t be until we decide to truly be a human race of peace and not violence, ego and guts and glory.

Turn off the news, practice meditation and forgiveness, recycle, volunteer.  These are just a start.

It’s true – we create our own reality—start today and receive a better tomorrow.  We can do this – we’ve been doing it.  Just keep expanding and keep aiming for a more peaceful and productive tomorrow.

And if you need some help along the way towards a better life,
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Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Love and Peace,

Blake Cahoon, Angel Guide & Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Blake prefers peace to drama, success to failure and abundance to being poor.  With the angelic and master spiritual guidance from the Divine Guidance Team, she has forged a better life for herself and now seeks to help others in their quest for a better life and better understanding of this magnificent world.