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Robin Williams: Comic Genius

Photo Credit: Ken Hively/MCT
Robin Williams – 1951 – 2014. Photo Credit: Ken Hively/MCT

To say I was shocked when I heard the news of Robin Williams sudden death would be an understatement. I understand how and why he left us; I understand where he’s going/has gone.  I was even told that Jonathan Winters was there to greet him and Christopher Reeves is showing him around.  But that doesn’t help the shocked feelings he left us with.  Regardless, we will remember him for his TV and movie roles — for the joy, the laughter, the insights and so much more that he provided us with over the many years. So much more needs to be said and yet now is not the time nor place.  We are sad he is gone and we are dealing with our own pain at this loss, while wondering about his own. Life is full of contrasting experiences, some more profound than others.  No one really knows what is going on in the hearts and minds of people — each has their own tale to tell; each has their own road to travel down. I will miss the future performances of this great comic genius who gave us so many smiles, so much joy, so much to think about.

One of Robin Williams most memorable films.
One of Robin Williams most memorable films.

This week’s blog is a short one and for that I apologize.  But as a fan of Mr. Williams, I plan on watching his TV and movie performances with both a heavy heart and a gentle smile.  I invite you to watch his films or his TV appearances and see why so many loved him. He is gone too soon for many of us…he will be greatly missed.  But I know that now he will be finding the peace that he is desperately sought, with the help of the angels and his friends who went before him. And for that we can take comfort. Love and Light Always, Blake Cahoon Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being

Death as a New Frontier

Morgan, Illuminated Engagements

As many know, my cat Morgan has been sick lately and it now appears he has lymphoma, a fatal disease. He has weeks to live out the rest of his life.  I am making him as comfortable as possible currently until he transitions to that which we call Heaven.  He will be deeply missed.

Just the other day, before he became sick to the point where I took him the vet’s, I was editing the audio from our DVD “Aligning with Celestial Wisdom”.  During one of our Live Channeling Events, someone had asked about their sick dog, what they could do for them, etc.  The Divine Guidance Team answered that animals are angels and they don’t feel scared about death the way we do.  They spoke of the way animals face death, their love for us and how we can better provide for them and vice versa.  It was really a neat answer and it really resonated with me—especially now that I am faced with the same set of circumstances.

I have to remember what they said: that animals don’t view death the way we do.  They know that we are spirit in a shell of a body—human, canine, feline or whatever.  Our spirit lives on, even when the body becomes useless to us.

The last time I had a cat transition from this dimension to that which we Heaven, I got a glimpse of my beloved feline in the arms of my father, who also “lives” in that dimension and will occasionally stop in and say hello.  I know my past animal companions or pets are safe and sound and having the time of their life, so to speak.  They no longer are in any pain, have any disease and are eternally youthful.

So, while my time with my Morgan will now be brief, when the time does come for him to transition from this plane to the next, I know he will be out of pain and romping in the grass, chasing rabbits and butterflies.  And so I’m at peace and while a tear or two still may be shed, I know in the end it will be okay for both of us.

With Love and Light Always,

Rev. Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Teacher & Channel
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Aftermath of a Traumatic Week

IlluminatedEngagementsWe’ve been through a lot this traumatic week, here on planet Earth and here in the United States. Maybe we’ve gotten spoiled here in the States, busying ourselves with political in-fighting and not the physical demands of everyday life. But this week showed how we as a country can pull together and be strong and resilient when needed. Between the Boston bombings and subsequent man-hunt, the explosion in Texas and the floods in Chicago, as well as all over the Midwest, we’ve been tested this week.

What I found interesting was that we have shifted in our attitudes and responses to all of this type of drama. Where before we may have run away from tragedy, on the day of the Boston bombings, I saw complete strangers run towards those who were hurt. First responders were brave, whether police, military, medical or civilian. When the manhunt was over, Bostonians cheered on those heroic men and women who captured the remaining suspect.

A world away, the people of China, are feeling the results of equal testing in light of a massive earthquake that reportedly has killed over a hundred people. There was also a large earthquake in the Middle East this week.

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something? Is she reacting to the drama across the world? Or are these events part of the ongoing shifting energies of 2012 and beyond? Each of us will come to our own conclusions on these matters.

April 22 is Earth Day. Let us celebrate our planet, our world, our countries and our lives as we move forward into this brave new world, where we are learning to be stronger, better yet more reflective.
There will be more challenges ahead for all of us; but what we had demonstrated this week, was that when we stand together in harmony and cooperation, great things can be accomplished.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, PMC (Psychic/Medium/Channel)
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Deep Sorrow

Boston on mapYesterday in Boston a terrifying act of violence took place as two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Our immediate thought is one of deep sorrow and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were hurt, killed and the families of those victims. Further we send deep thoughts and prayers to all who helped in the aftermath, from the investigators who are figuring out who did this and why (as of this writing, we don’t have those answers); to the many emergency and law enforcement people and to the many healers, doctors, nurses and hospital personnel as well as to all those experienced, witnessed or was otherwise involved in the aftermath.

When events of this nature happen, it is easy to turn towards the heavens and ask why or how God can let terrible things happen. And the answer is that God doesn’t, but man does.

We live on a planet that is full of extremes –from infinite beauty to terrible tragedy.

In a time such as this, however, mere words cannot properly express the sorrow, pain and shock this nation is now feeling. In other nations across the world, such bombings may be an hourly event. In America it is still a rare event and therefore deeply affects all who live here.

In the weeks and months ahead we will learn more about the who, the why’s and even the how’s. But for now, we bow our head and pray, with a tear in our eye and sorrow in our heart.

With Love and Lights Dimmed Tonight,
Blake Cahoon
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Good-bye Barnabas

Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins
When I was a young teen, I would rush home every day from school to watch the gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. Next month Tim Burton, who bought the rights from the producer Dan Curtis’ estate are making a remake with Johnny Depp as the beloved vampire Barnabas Collins. This live TV show would be considered campy in today’s world, although at the time of airing, that was not the intention. So today’s version will be humorous –and not my generation’s beloved Dark Shadows.

The original Barnabas Collins was played by Canadian actor Jonathan Frid, who on April 13th transitioned from this world to the next of natural causes at the age of 87. He and the other original actors have cameos in the new movie.

Long before Twilight and all the other vampire movies and TV series of today, there was the tragic figure of a vampire, Barnabas, cursed by a witch to exist among his relatives in Collinwood, Maine. The original series had vampires, ghosts, witches and werewolves among the denizens. Many a story line was based on literature and mythological stories; I learned later, which of course made me want to study the original literature.

Dark Shadows feed my natural passion for all things that go bump in the night. It allowed me to expand my horizons into the world of the supernatural, much like Star Trek did for space exploration. I have very fond memories of this time and this shadowy TV world. I plan to watch the movie—it won’t be our Dark Shadows, but it will stir fond memories and perhaps provide a laugh to the darkness.

We bid adieu to Mr. Frid and wish him well on his journey; he provided great entertainment for us Dark Shadows fans everywhere.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake would indeed rush home every day from school and plunk herself and her sister down and watch the gothic soap opera. Her fandom was based on the creepy story line and on how hot-looking the werewolf, Quentin Collins played by actor David Selby, was. Mr. Selby, now in his late 60’s – early 70’s was last seen as one of the main lawyers in the award winning movie, Social Network.