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Bluebirds and the Law of Attraction?

What does a Bluebird have to do with Law of Attraction?

So I am currently reading a book entitled: “How The Secret Helped Change My Life” by Rhonda Byrnes.  This book is a sequel to Rhonda’s bestselling book “The Secret” published in 2003.  This book helped introduced a lot of people to the universal or natural law of attraction which basically says like attracts like. 

I saw the The Secret movie years ago, purchased it and now use it for my students and people I mentor about all this stuff spiritual.  I was reading the sequel because one of my students showed it to me while we were in a library together prior to one of our workshops.  She had too many books and was going to put it back; I told her I’d take it.  Otherwise I probably won’t have even picked it up.  But the universe does arrange for things like this to happen – all very subtle and usually one thing leads to another.

I have recently been practicing a variety of manifestation techniques; but as with human nature until we make things a true habit, some actions and intentions slide off us and we forget to use what may be handy.  (This is why you need to read lots of books about the same subject or you go to church every Sunday.  Our memories are short and sometimes we need reminding.)

In the Change My Life book, people wrote letters telling her how The Secret worked for them.  One person wrote about manifesting something small like a red thimble.  If this stuff is new to you, the suggestion is to start with something small.

Well, some my manifestations felt rusty to me and weren’t really working the way I needed them to work.  I felt a minor tune up was in order. 

So I read this letter about the red thimble and said yes, I need to renew myself and start with something small.  But I didn’t want a red thimble, so I choose a blue feather.  Not only a blue feather—but a specific blue feather…for my mind immediately went to a local park where these unusually bright blue birds were.  These blue birds are particular to this area I guess – I never saw them up north.  Nor have I seen them in my backyard actually.  I’ve only seen them in this park about forty-five minutes away.

So I sent my request into the universe that I wanted to see a blue feather manifest in my life. 

Then I waited.  Then I forgot about my request.  (This is the key folks – let it go and let the Universe do its thing! Don’t worry about the How.)

Two days later, I happened to remember my request as a friend had sent me some new angel cards.  (I seemed to be collecting them!)  Within the deck was a picture of a blue feather!!!

(Pictures count!!!)

I smiled and nodded although it wasn’t quite what I asked for.  Something (or someone!) told me it was time to change the picture on my smart phone.  So my attention was drawn to that activity and as I scrolled on the available pictures that are offered – and there it was: my bluebird!!!  It was the same kind of bright almost metallic feathered  blue bird that I saw in the park and that was part of my request!!!  Yes—the universe had delivered exactly what I asked for.  Hey, birds have feathers! It counts!!

So my faith was restored and my belief that the law of attraction does deliver to me what I am thinking about was validated.   Ask, believe and receive!  Yep, it really does work!

And that is what blue birds have to do with the law of attraction!!!  Don’t you love the way the Universe works!!!

Blake loves the Cove Springs Park where she saw the first blue bird.  Nature has a way of waking us up and renewing our spirits!

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Gratitude is Magic

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Hello, fellow Earth Travelers!

I have finally been able to pick up the pen again (metaphorically speaking), and can once again write my weekly blog.  My goodness, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

So I went to the library the other day to pick some research books up on angels.  I’m writing a new book on angels (Connecting with Celestial Wisdom) and want to expand on my own knowledge.  In the midst of this research, I picked up another book: The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes, author of the international best seller, The Secret.

The Magic is sorta a sequel, but not quite.  Also it’s been out for several years now.  Essentially the book is about gratitude –how being grateful can bring about seemingly magical events in your life.  I like the book — it provides great interactive exercises and keen wisdom about the practice of gratitude, which is more than simply saying “thank you” and saying a blessing over food daily.  (And if you aren’t even doing these, you really need this book!)

I know I can improve my gratitude practices even more and plan to follow up on the many exercises in the book.

How are you being grateful on a daily basis?  Could you stand to have more gratitude in your life?

Simply saying thank you for events not yet happened can start the magic stirring.  Open yourself to an attitude of gratitude and see what shows up in your life!

Thank you to all who read my blog, books, etc.  You guys rock!!!  And I’m very grateful for having you in my life!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Love and Light Always,


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Blake is always grateful for her angels, her fans, her friends and her family.  And for all who support and contribute to Illuminated Engagements!

Law of Karma Updated

nirvanaIn one of our Live Channeling Event, the Divine Guidance Team said that the Law of Karma is now passé or dead….and it is being replaced with the Law of Responsibility.  While many teachers will still cling to the old lessons of karma, the new Law of Responsibility is being put forth since the days of punishing yourself for something you did or didn’t do in a past life time is now over.  Instead the job is to be aware of this life time and not cling to old life time behaviors, patterns or digressions.

In fact, the old law of karma is being looked as an excuse – to use for blame of one’s past behaviors.  The Law of Responsibility says the past –as in your past lives–doesn’t matter –only the present lifetime matters.  How you conduct yourself here and now is the most important act you can act upon.

How are you living your life?  Is it with honor and trustworthiness?  Or is it in shame and guilt?  Are you blaming others for your problems or owning up to your own part in every action you take?

You are the sole creator of your own reality.  The Universe and the Creator are listening and watching.  How are you living your life?  With purpose?  With blame?  Or something in between?

How responsible are you being for your own life? You may be aware of what or who you were in a past lifetime—but you no longer have to be punished for it nor hold it up as an excuse for this lifetime’s behavior.  This new law is both refreshing –and harder to life up to.  There are no more excuses; there is no more blaming.  There is only you – and your Creator – making this the best life you have to live.

And if you need some help along the way towards a better life,
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Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Love and Peace,

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Blake attempts to live life in a very responsible manner.   But with a great sense of humor!

You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

The Law of Responsibility at Work

Illuminated Engagements
You are responsible for how you feel

According to the Divine Guidance Team, indeed we are responsible for our own happiness – they told me that ages ago because it is part of the Law of Responsibility.

This saying –You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness – showed up on Facebook recently; not sure who the author is….inspiration is inspiration.  But a Huffington Post blogger, Teri Biedl wrote a blog about this saying.

It’s the same thing we’ve been writing about for the last few years and so it bears repeating here.

The Law of Responsibility basically says we are indeed responsible for our own thoughts, deeds and action.  This isn’t an easy concept to undertake and I was challenged by it during one of our workshops lately.

And while the simple version of the principle doesn’t truly take into account the global consciousness concepts, which does contribute to your co-creation of reality, the principle is outlined well within the author’s blog.

Here’s the link to the blog:

Of course we are over simplifying the meaning and the minutia of what this law is truly saying.  Again, we are quick to blame everyone else but ourselves, but law says otherwise.  And wouldn’t it be nice if people did take more responsibility for their actions, thoughts and deeds?

There’s lot more here than just meets the eye.  Certainly food for thought at any rate.

So tell us – do we create own reality?  What do you think?  Perhaps for the everyday things we might create our own reality, but when crime, rape and murder involved—do we then ask for those things too?  Or is there something else going on here?

Let us know—it’s time for the great debate: do we create our own reality?  Are we responsible totally for what shows up in our world?  Or are there greater forces than us at play too?  We love to have you weigh in on this heavy topic.

Thank you for allowing us to Improve Your Life with Divine Wisdom and Guidance!

Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator of Divine Messages
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Blake wrestles with this concept as much as the next person.  Yet she does realize that it is her emotions sending out a frequency to the universe which is returned to her.  She attempts as much responsibility for her own actions as a result.