Connecticut School Shooting – More Angels in Heaven

ChalkboardI was going to start this blog today, with—it’s Dec 18th and so far nothing has happened (referring to the 2012 end-of-world prophecies)—except something did happen. Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut was the scene of yet another terrible mass shooting. Twenty young –ages 5-6, children were gunned down and killed, along with the school principal, teachers and administrative staff. All together 27 people lost their lives that day—on Dec 14th – due to a young man’s actions. Apparently he was lost in a fantasy world or he was angry or….we don’t know… and though apparently he wasn’t allowed to drive, he had access to his mother’s assault weapons. He also killed and shot his mother.

Even today the news is trying to sort out all the details and cries of gun control, video game control and mental health reform are being heard around the country. The media has reported that the 20 year old young man had Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. He was home-schooled by a divorced mother who might have been a survivalist or a gun collector; again the news is sketchy and we don’t have all the facts. He is reported to be a loner, loved video games and often enjoying shooting at the gun range. He took his own life too and so his real motivation is unknown.

We do know that, this is, thus far one of the worst mass shooting tragedies of modern times. Flags are at half-staff, world political news and fiscal cliff wrangling have taken a back seat. Parents are holding on tight to their children this Christmas season.

I hesitate to speculate or even voice an opinion; the wound is too raw and it is too soon. I feel for the parents of those little ones, who indeed had just reached the age of forgetting who they once were. I won’t go into the spiritual beliefs surrounding this event and so many of the other similar events; it is too soon. In this country, as in so many others, we revere our children. They are all consuming and very important to us. And so when they are taken from us too early, we grieve that much harder.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who grief, not only for this event, but for all the others we have endured over the last several years. There are no easy answers for a solution, although much will be debated.
The world is changing, of that I know for sure. What lessons will we learn from this event? How do we grow as a people from events of this nature?

It is the season of love. Perhaps we should start there.

With Light and Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary, Transmitter & Illuminator
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

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  1. The Divine Guidance Team is talking about responsibility versus karma. It is time for us to take responsibility for our fellow man and for the earth. It is time we started teaching our children responsibility from the moment they can decide whether to reach for something or not. The responsibility must be bathed in Love.

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