Connecting with Nature’s Angels

Natures Angels bk cover0001Every once in a while we deviate from our regular information posts in order to crow! This is one of those blogs – We want to let you know about one of our books–just in time for spring!

Connecting with Nature’s Angels: The World of Faeries, Elementals and Nature Spirits” is our latest creation – and I do say we, for this was very much a collaborative effort!   When I compelled to write this book over 10 years ago, I didn’t believe in faeries or fairies or any of these seemingly mythological creatures.   I didn’t believe until—well, you’ll have to read the book in order to find out just how I became a believer!

In this book, I have attempted to view this world of nature from the eyes of a channeller or spiritual translator of the divine. Nature has a wonderful story to tell us and can help us in so many ways, beyond putting food on our table, water in our glasses and air to breathe. Learn who and what the faeries are, what they can teach us and how they can help us in unexpected ways.

Come journey as we explore nature and connect with nature’s angels – for this world is part of the angelic realm. I didn’t know this until I stumbled into this fascinating world where I have met and talked with princes, kings and queens of different faerie realms.

As someone who regular communicates with invisible friends and helpers, this realm turned out to be one of the most fascinating. You’ll get to hear their own point of view and get answers straight from the source as they speak to us about their world.

You’ll also learn how to connect to this world; how to listen to the voices and spirit of nature and even how you might capture a faerie on film! I included pictures of the faerie ring that appeared in my front yard and of the small little elf hiding among my rose bush!  I purposefully published the book with lots of color photos and illustrations, so you can better see the spirit of nature hiding in trees and among the flowers.

These are diminutive dimensional beings that help us grow and expand through their world of nature. You’ll find ways and methods of connecting with these nature’s angels throughout the book.

Do you believe?

Even as a person who talks with angels and ascended masters, I had to open my mind and my heart to accept this nature realm – but they really do exist!   Magic is not just something found in the movies, books or TV – but can be lived in real life.

I hope you will open your mind and heart and be a willing explorer in this magical realm; and I hope you find the journey as fascinating as me!

You can find our book on and read a bit of the book. And if you order and like us, then please give us a nice review on Amazon! The faeries would appreciate it! And of course, I would too.

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel
The Divine Guidance Team
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Our latest book — Connecting with Nature’s Angels is now available on  as a colorfully illustrated paperback or on Kindle!

Blake does believe in this realm — she’s talked and walked with the fey in her own backyards!