Death as a New Frontier

Morgan, Illuminated Engagements

As many know, my cat Morgan has been sick lately and it now appears he has lymphoma, a fatal disease. He has weeks to live out the rest of his life.  I am making him as comfortable as possible currently until he transitions to that which we call Heaven.  He will be deeply missed.

Just the other day, before he became sick to the point where I took him the vet’s, I was editing the audio from our DVD “Aligning with Celestial Wisdom”.  During one of our Live Channeling Events, someone had asked about their sick dog, what they could do for them, etc.  The Divine Guidance Team answered that animals are angels and they don’t feel scared about death the way we do.  They spoke of the way animals face death, their love for us and how we can better provide for them and vice versa.  It was really a neat answer and it really resonated with me—especially now that I am faced with the same set of circumstances.

I have to remember what they said: that animals don’t view death the way we do.  They know that we are spirit in a shell of a body—human, canine, feline or whatever.  Our spirit lives on, even when the body becomes useless to us.

The last time I had a cat transition from this dimension to that which we Heaven, I got a glimpse of my beloved feline in the arms of my father, who also “lives” in that dimension and will occasionally stop in and say hello.  I know my past animal companions or pets are safe and sound and having the time of their life, so to speak.  They no longer are in any pain, have any disease and are eternally youthful.

So, while my time with my Morgan will now be brief, when the time does come for him to transition from this plane to the next, I know he will be out of pain and romping in the grass, chasing rabbits and butterflies.  And so I’m at peace and while a tear or two still may be shed, I know in the end it will be okay for both of us.

With Love and Light Always,

Rev. Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Teacher & Channel
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One thought on “Death as a New Frontier

  1. Our humaness still needs time to grieve both before and after they pass. May your grieving be as gentle as possible. Your other felines will grieve also. But I don’t think they show it quite as blatently as dogs do. Blessings to you and your feline family.

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