Discover the Shift of 2012’s New Rules Or How to Live in 2013 and Beyond

angelThere are so many confusing messages out there these days for Lightworkers. Many of you know the story—we expected something to happen in December 2012. Many expected fireworks, a move to the 5th Dimension, ascension was promised and so much more. But for many it felt like –nothing happened.

December 22 came and went and soon we realized we hadn’t bought Christmas presents, because, well, no one really knew what was going to happen, just something REALLY BIG. And yet it felt like nothing happened.

Now many spiritual teachers are back tracking on their original message and I’m reading lots of FB posts on various ascension support pages that let me know we’ve got lots and lots of confused and disappointed people. What happened to the Promise?

Now for me, I knew I’d have to buy Christmas presents. The Divine Guidance Team told me so and I did. I’m here to tell you that yes, Virginia, the Shift really did happen. We are in the midst of it even now and it will be with us for a while.

For me, I will admit that here it is mid-June 2013 and the first half of this year has been for me—well, confusing but also expansive too. I’m going on an accelerated light path right now and I’m trying hard to catch up and understand it all.

And so I sat down and said to my Divine Guidance Team: “What’s up with all this? Did something happen and if so what? And how do know what to do next?” And they said indeed, something did happen on December 21, 2012, which was, in their words: The Shift –and now things are just rearranging themselves as we continue to move forward.
There are new rules to be learned and so if you tried doing something in this year, that has always worked before and now doesn’t seem to be working—well, blame The Shift. ‘Cause you’re right –things have changed. Whether it’s for the best according to your own story—is up to you. And part of the problem is that you don’t know the new rules. I’m just learning them. And I’d love to teach them to you.

So we’re going to be talking about the new rules over the next few blogs. Or at least try and explain some of these new rules to you. Like how karma is dead, time has accelerated, manifestation comes quicker, you need to watch your language and everybody is going to have to do just a little bit more to align (not realign) to these new energies that have come in.

We all want this new wave of energies to allow us to expand our world and allow us to grow into happier, more satisfied and prosperous human being, don’t we? When we know the rules of the road, we can navigate so much better, can’t we? And so as we continue to show you the new rules of the road, take heart—for your reward is coming. December 21, 2012 was just the first step—the new door opened and we stepped into the room. Now we have to put on our energetic glasses so we can see what the world is now presenting to us and how we can best operate in it.
This blog is only beginning, for more discussion will be needed and an interactive platform will be founded shortly and presented to you, so you can take full advantage of this new information that is coming from the Illuminated Engagement Divine Guidance Team.

These are exciting times we live in. It is not a time to be sad, frustrated or even confused. It is the time to pick up reins of our traveling vehicle and heave ho, like the American pioneers who set out to discover the Wild West; and explore all that this new realm has for us. We have the map now. There’s gold in those hills, my friend, we just have to ride a little bit more to get to the Promised Land. Are you ready for the new ride and adventure?

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Channel & Spiritual Teacher
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4 thoughts on “Discover the Shift of 2012’s New Rules Or How to Live in 2013 and Beyond

  1. The energies sure have been changing. I’ve had tremendous highs and tremendous lows while my life seems to be going on with the status quo. I’m also be tested strongly. I pray I am up to the challenge and testing. I like being a light worker. I like being aware of many of the subtler energies. What other energies am I unaware of? It must be vast.

    1. Thanks for your input Ginger! I know for me the same is true–highs and lows, day by day. My energy and mood are just stabilizing! (abit!). I’ve read so many people are experiencing this mood swing, uncertainity, etc. And in a way I do think we are being ‘tested’–no–perhaps being subjective new adventures. For testing denotes some negativity and a new adventure denotes positive excitement. So no, we’re not being tested–but invited on a new level of experience. And there are some new rules and regs along the way that we should know–and if not calling them rules, we shall them guidelines to live by. For free will ever prevails….Again thank you for your input, it is much valued as are you.

      Blake and the Divine Guidance Team

  2. I have a friend who lives in Michigan, she’s recently divorced and currently has a restraining order against her ex-husband who physically abused her. The ex-husband has visitation rights with their two children, which he’s entitled to being their father.
    The issue is this, the girls visit the ex-husband who lives in a
    small one bedroom apt. with four other adults (relatives).
    The children do not have a private room, but sleep on
    a separate air mattress in a room with these adults.
    They have returned home complaining of physically being thrown by the
    ex-husbands brother along with numerous other complaints including verbal abuse.
    They have even gone so far to say they never want
    to be with their father again. . . The ex husband is a con-man,
    classic abuser who appears perfect to others while displaying his true nasty persona
    behind closed doors. Anyone who’s been involved with a relationship like this will understand. He had an affair with another woman while married that led to the divorce and at every turn has come out smelling like roses due to his friendships with individuals within the local police department and his ability to convince people to believe his lies. This man has been involved with multiple criminal activities over the years that always seem to be “swept under the rug” and he continually gets away with bad behavior. Needless to say, it has been incredibly frustrating as a bystander to see the legal system letting my friend and taxpayers down. Recently he has made false claims against my friend and her family (officially and on the record), made accusations that are entirely false and making sure his friends in the police department had them well documented. He’s clearly
    trying to build a case (built on lies) to take
    the children. . . So why you ask am I getting involved?
    I want to help a friend who doesn’t have the courage or know-how to go about fighting this matter. I care for these two young children and can’t simply sit by and watch
    them be handed over to an person such as this. She needs to
    be abel to fight fire with fire; I’m trying to find ways for her to be able to document and further validate this mans true character without having to rely on the children “testifying” against their father. I don’t live in
    Michigan and I’m not savvy with the local laws that govern situations such as this. So my questions to anyone that may be able to answer are these: . . 1. What local resources can she possibly seek help from? (Detroit area and ones that will actually listen, care and attempt to help). . 2. What are considered livable circumstances for the children? Is there a way to limit the visitation because of of this?.

    1. Dear Mark,

      It is always a tragedy that young children are the target of abuse, especially in these types of circumstances. The best way to handle is gather and provide ample evidence to the courts of abuse. Social workers and pro bono lawyers may be able to handle this case if your friend has no funds. Ultimately it is up to her to step up and take charge of this situation. Laws differ from state to state. You, as a caring bystander, may want to check your own state’s laws and child welfare resources for more information to pass along to her. States these days have little to no monies to cope with these situations; especially one as depressed as Detroit. Your cause is noble and I applaud your efforts. Keep working on this situation.

      From a spiritual point of view, this mother and children are learning life lessons they were meant to learn. Often times we choose the most horrific ways to learn lessons, thinking it will speed up our live lessons. Often times though, it is only a way to trap ourselves in an over abundance of contrast and conflict.

      You can always call Michigan’s Dept of Child Welfare and ask for help, regardless of the state you live in. In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers go with you and your friend and her children.

      Love and Light Always,

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