Fear into Action

Fear into Action“Instead of letting fear rule us and our emotions, we can choose a better way of handling the situation. We can choose to transform fear into action – positive action that up lifts both ourselves and those who we are dealing with.

The simplest way to deal with this is to ‘let go and let God’.  Or in other words, let the situation become dormant and then bless it.  Gratitude is the key here.  Express gratitude for the situation and lessons it is showing you.  You may have to take some time in order to do this, but when you show gratitude instead of judgment; you are sending out a better vibe and thus will receive a better result.”

These are the words I wrote in the Law of Belief workshop book, which I’m teaching this week online.  I was putting the final editing on the book when I came across this information that I had written.

And I had to stop and laugh, for I had just gone through a situation where I needed to hear these very words!  The wisdom of the Divine had come through for me again.

I am positive that much of what I write is inspired information.  And even when I write, edit and read the information presented, I sometimes still don’t my own message!  It’s true, we teachers can teach you all that we know, but sometimes forget to apply to our own lives.

I reached out to a friend last night about my particular situation and she walked me through the process of turning my  fear into action, anger into non-judgment in a loving, nonjudgmental way that I simply wasn’t capable of last night.  My emotions were too high and raw.

But in the light of the next day I was better and believed I handled the situation well.  We’ll see –it’s ongoing and hasn’t concluded yet.  It’s really a minor thing – but something I hadn’t experienced and so didn’t know how to handle.  And then in morning I read my own words!   Again—the universe agreeing with us in such a wonderful fashion!

So lessons learned: step back and take a breath when something pops up for you that become too emotional to handle in the moment and find and use and be grateful for your support system.  Thank you my dear friend to be there for me when I needed you.  Thank you for showing me what I wrote and for letting me process this situation in such a loving wonderfully blessed manner.

Life is great — you just need the tools to navigate through it!  Inspiration and motivation, hope and insight – it’s all there for the asking.

Thank you for allowing us to Improve Your Life with Divine Wisdom and Guidance!

Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator of Divine Messages
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Special Shout out to: Rev. Maggie Mongan, awesome business coach, of Brilliant Breakthroughs – thanks for the support and the direction!  Congratulations on your 10th Year Anniversary!

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Blake is grateful that her life lesson wasn’t an overly complex one.  She now knows better and has made improvements in her life as a result.  She knows she is truly blessed by this situation.