Find Your Life’s Purpose

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I already know that my life’s purpose is to provide my work from the Divine Guidance Team to others. But it took me a long time to get here. Over fifty years!! So when I find information about this critical life path that might help others get there just a wee bit sooner than I did—well, I jump on it and of course pass it along to you, just in case you haven’t tumbled onto your life’s purpose yet.

The Divine Guidance Team is always telling people that finding their life purpose or soul’s mission is important. While I’m not sure if life purpose and soul’s mission is exactly the same thing — I think finding your life purpose lead you to your soul’s mission—that thing you actually came back to Earth to accomplish.

We all think of life purpose as something we do in our careers –and sometimes while this may be so, it doesn’t always have to do with our chosen careers. In fact it may have nothing to do with our daily jobs! But frankly, I think it’s kinda neat when the two do meet and merge into one.
So without further ado, read the article below and let us know about finding your life purpose. Have you found it yet? Think you are getting there? Are far away from finding it? Not sure?

We love questions and we’re pretty good at providing some answers!

Here’s the article:
Enjoy! And may your life purpose bring you happiness and joy – as it is supposed to!!

Love and Light Always,
Blake & the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake finally found her true life’s purpose in April of this year (2012)! It took her awhile but she kept on preserving and searching and exploring—and stayed open to wild possibilities.
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