Finding a Middle Ground in Business and Life

boomerangAs I am moving forward with my business, I read a number of articles surrounding business. Some of these articles are strictly about business while others deal with not only business but issues of personal development.

The article below, by Ted Hargrave, owner of Marketing for Hippies was presented from his blog. But what it has to say about business owners of all shapes and sizes, it can also say about our own personal development and how we approach life and people.

In this article, I found so many truths about not only myself but about other business people—both colleagues and not. I believe you may see yourself in the article, as I found myself; but this article also provided me with keen insights and strength to know I’m not alone in these feelings.

Read the article below—and don’t forget to read the comments too, which also has some wonderful insights. Let us know if you feel if you are collapsing too much or even posturing too much. Do you feel like you can go for the middle ground of composure?

Ted offers some examples of people he feels demonstrates composure—a comment by Mark Silver, also someone we’ve commented and provided links to—disagrees with the list—a bit, at least. Can you find others who have composure? Do you think you can use these people as distant mentors to form your own sense of composure? Let us know what you think.

Read the article here:

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2 thoughts on “Finding a Middle Ground in Business and Life

  1. I have been at both ends. I am somewhere in the middle but not yet above. I mostly like to help those people that are in places I used to be, and have experienced. The point of paying someone for advice is getting the benefit of what they learned from many years of recovering from failures, you learn from them in hours.
    A great leader, I have learned from leadership seminars, is one who knows how to develop followers.
    Certainty and true vision and knowing where you are headed, knowing where they are taking you.
    Blake, you have guidance from a divine team, it’s easy to know where they are leading.
    Humans have distractions due to their Earthly senses, the shiny thing, the loud thing, the sweet, the softest, etc. The choice is the freedom and the blessing, but also the limitation of our capacities; we can only see in certain waves, hear in certain waves, absorb so much and have limited life spans.
    So I fully appreciate your capability of connecting with the divine team; they guide you to see past the human realm and in turn you help people define their soul.

    1. Thanks for the insights Cathy! Indeed, the Divine Guidance Team does guide me and 85% of the time I listen! LOL! Sometimes my own human stubbornness (read ego) gets the way. But when I listen to their wise advice, I do get fabulous results. They came into my life about a year ago, helped me form this company and I thank them daily for their participation in my life process. I am hoping I can help others too with these posts, messages and various products.

      Again thanks, Cathy, as always, for your wonderful comments.

      Love and Light,

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