Finding Your Next Brilliant Career

Your career - Illuminated Engagements Someone recently wrote on our Facebook page ( about figuring out their life’s purpose. Often times we think of our life purpose as being wrapped up in something we do to earn money. While this may or may not be your case, we figured we start there anyways.

The article below provides lots of useful information along with worksheets (at bottom of the article) and other useful tools to help you find your next brilliant career. I do read these articles, I recommend, and found it useful. The article examines what you do in conjunction with the why, where and what you actually are doing.

Many people are in the ballpark of what they are seeking in life; but they need that extra something that leads them to the path they are seeking. This article will help you get closer to that extra something—if you do the work. Or at least read the article all the way through and apply some of the principles to your own life circumstances. You may just find the answers you were looking for!

Here is the article:

Does this article help or confuse you more? What kind of questions can you ask yourself that may lead you to your chosen profession? How willing are you to open yourself up and find your way? Let us know your answers so we can share and perhaps help others!

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