Finding Your Own Truth

Angel-Illuminated EngagementsEvery once in awhile, we get a comment on Facebook from a presumed Christian who condemns us because we appear not to be aligned with their belief system. You know these people. Their truth is the only truth.

Often I personally don’t know what to do with these comments. My own ego rises up and my own truth wants to override theirs.

But the angels, who are in the Bible, and the ascended masters (Jesus is one of them) tell me to calm down and recognize truth may be different for each individual. Each person must find what their own truth is at any given time. Their truth may change over time. Or it may not. It depends on what they are exposed to, what they believe and what they are comfortable with believing.

There were many prophets in the Bible too. They divined and prophesized about events, actions and people all the time. The whole Christian religion is based on prophecy of the coming messiah.

People like their comfort zones. They don’t like to get out of their comfort zones. They don’t like others to get out of their comfort zones. So they try and keep others to their level of comfort.

Every week I listen to Super Soul Sunday on the Oprah Channel and also I listen to the sermon delivered by Pastor Joel Osteen. Every week I recite the little blurb at the end about accepting Jesus into your heart, etc. and becoming a ‘born-again’ Christian. And so does this make me a born-again Christian in the eyes of the zealot? Maybe. Maybe not. For their truth and their interpretation of life may be different from mine. I may not be “good enough” in their eyes.

I have long since moved on past their rhetoric for I do know I am “good enough” in God’s eyes. That I am blessed my His hand and His works and I am loved greatly.

Our website isn’t for everyone. Our messages aren’t for everyone. It is there for those who aligned to hear it. For the rest, move along now—this isn’t for you. Stay in your comfort zone. Be blessed where you are and for who you are.

For the rest of us, we continue to explore our spiritual journey and know we will be equally blessed.

Thank you.

Love and Peace,

Blake Cahoon, Angel Guide & Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

3 thoughts on “Finding Your Own Truth

  1. Blake,
    I agree, faith is very sketchy, many events that have been recorded, have been testimonials by humans.
    people perceive events differently. For faith to be based on writings from a society less advanced and so fearful does not make sense.
    I was raised Catholic and there is a Creed we recite to announce and renew our following of the Catholic rules and beliefs. I follow Jesus teachings and the New testament 2 commandments:
    Trust in God’s love (power and light) before yourself and above all else, and love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.
    I went through a weekend of turbulence with a very important vehicle to keep our lives moving forward. There were things that other people may consider bad, but so many things occurred in our favor there just was no denying there was extra help getting us past the hurdles. A few things went wrong but there were more fortunate things that happened that the resulted in a good ending.
    Thank you for your notes of inspiration and for fending off attacks of those that have “limited vision”. Keep hostessing our spiritual guides because they have insight not human eyes .

  2. Truth is a loaded topic. Great philosophers and theologians have tackled this and there doesn’t seem to be one conclusive answer as to what Truth actually is- in fact, there are more than 2 main concepts on this! For a long time I believed that Truth, with a capital T is infallible… and yet, I always ask “to whom?”

    Is stealing always stealing? I don’t know… I had an excellent professor in Comparative Religion and wow, that really opened my eyes to how things may not always be as we perceive them!

    The beautiful awareness I do accept is we are each responsible for our own actions according to our awarenesses. Therefore I am not able to pass judgment upon another because I surely do not know what it is they do and don’t know… thank God! I wouldn’t want to have to keep all that in my head 🙂

    So, what I choose to do to live a faithful life is live true to my awarenesses via life experiences and studies. Afterall, God has given us free will for us to find what is right for us. God has also revealed it is a good thing to love one another (as Cathy stated). So the less separation we create via judgment of one another, the better!

    After all, isn’t peace and love the essence of all the sacred texts? Blessings of Love and Peace!

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