Forgiveness – Does a Body Good!

scolded child, forgivenssSo along with all the New Year’s resolutions, is something that deals with your personal health and personal development, which technically go hand in hand, as I see it. Because face it, like the man said, “If you don’t have health, you don’t have anything.” Or something to that effect. And inevitably the subject of forgiveness comes up when you’re dealing with personal development. How you have to forgive and forget, blah, blah, blah.

‘Cept it’s hard to forgive those you done you wrong—whether it was the jerk this morning you cut you off in traffic or your mother who yelled at you about something when you were ten. And let’s face it—we really do blame our mothers and our fathers for lots of stuff that’s happened in our life.
And that stuff can lead to lots of toxic behaviors in our life. Which leads to dis-ease and who knows what! So along with all those new year’s resolutions, isn’t time you start trying to forgive and forget at least 1 person in your life?

For me, I came to realize that my mother needed lots of forgiving from me way too late—she had already transitioned (read died). Of course, for me this isn’t a problem, since we still talk occasionally. Mostly she tries to teach me about cooking – which she tried her best at when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t interested and turned a deaf ear. And yes, she was a great cook. At any rate, I did tell I was sorry and forgave her for at least half of my life’s problems. Mind you some of that stuff still bothers me—but not half as much as it once did. And mostly I forgave myself for holding on to all that old crap. Which is what I think forgiveness is all about anyways—forgiving yourself.

I stumbled upon an on-line article on forgiveness which might help you conquer this huge problem.
Read it here:
Maybe this is your year to start forgiving and forgetting and getting just a wee bit healthier all round.

Here’s to a great rest of the new year!

Love and Light Always,
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