Holiday Message from the Divine Guidance Team

Messages from angels and ascended mastersMost recently I was writing about the meaning of Christmas –attempting to break the word down to its original meaning which seems to be Christ’s Mass. Christ means savior or anointed one, among other meanings. Somewhere I had once read that it meant enlighten—but I no longer can find that meaning. What came forth from the writing was a holiday message from the Divine Guidance Team. Here then is that message:

From the Divine Guidance Team

Christmas is a sacred event or time period whose objective is one where you may elect to be elevated in your consciousness by being aware of your thoughts, deeds and actions in a more profound manner than at any time within the year. It is where time of deep contemplation and meditation are encouraged, of being in a place personally where one rises above their own personal suffering and human desires, so that others may receive the good will and joy of the spiritual aspects of the seasons. It is a time to learn to give and to receive –for with humility and grace towards oneself and towards all others.

It is a time of remembrance of those who have gone before us and who are today in harm’s way. It is a time to rise above our petty problems and remember others with their needs.

It is a time of reverence towards all. It is a time of celebration of the spiritual illumination in your life and that which surrounds and protects the world. It is a time to open your own heart light and let it shine forth; to remember your dreams, goals and aspirations. It is a time to reach for the stars and remember that the Creator loves you like no one else can and ever will – it simply isn’t possible.

It is a time of singing praises to those who every day reach out to help you –simply for the asking. It is time to remember the human spirit – it is truly a thing of beauty for the heavens to embrace.

Fill your heart with joy, laughter and mirth this holiday season – no matter which seasonal celebration you profess to partake in. Be with family and friends; forgive yourself and others and most importantly simply love –love your life, your family, your friends and those that surround you. You have placed most of these people there yourself, whether you like to know so or not. So you might as well love them. Love them with the Love that the Creator shows you each day with every falling leaf or crystal snowflake.

And remember, dear ones, to love yourself in this season too. For you are as unique as those leaves and snow flakes and you were placed here upon this Earth for a reason that only the Creator and you know. Your mission each and every day is to live that life to its fullest and in joy, peace, contentment and grace. Life your life as it was meant to be lived and you will find you inspire others with hope and enlightenment shall be yours as sure as there are shooting stars in the heavens at night.

This is Jesus the Christ’s season of the year; when you honor it—you honor Him and all that He truly stands for. Today Jesus is known to many as both Master Yeshua (the earthly aspect of Jesus the man) and as Master Sananda (the resurrected Jesus the Christ).

That which is Master Yeshua has come to our earthly representative and now speaks now through us:
I was not here to worship as a god, but to lead you towards a better life so you can behold the joy that I see within each one of you. In each there is a spark, a small flame, and with my words – in so many places and times and with so many meanings – that flame can grow and light your way –illuminating the path before you and snuffing out the darkness of your past. Worship the meaning of this season and not just the reason. For the reason is man-made and the meaning is true: as the winter’s darkness descends, the light of the soul stays true and remains always present within each of you. As you move towards the light, the light will grow and soon new growth of spring will be upon you and the deadness of winter behind you. Celebrate the light in each of you and know with conviction and trust that your Creator and I walk beside you each step of the way. Remain strong and loyal to your path and you will receive not only all that you ask for, but so much more—both here on earth and in heaven as well.

Be well and know you are much loved,

The Divine Guidance Team of Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Thank you for allowing me to provide you with their messages!

With Light & Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary & Transmitter
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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3 thoughts on “Holiday Message from the Divine Guidance Team

  1. Today Jesus is known to many as both Master Yeshua (the earthly aspect of Jesus the man) and as Master Sananda (the resurrected Jesus the Christ). I was not aware of these names for Jesus Christ. I am learning so much from you Blake! 🙂
    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Yes, it was Master Sanada that they were trying to tell me last night…I finally received the name on my way home! Thank you for providing these names Brenda!


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