Holidays are Here

Christmas timeOver the next two weeks, you’ll find the Best of Blogs as our Christmas season has begun.  Christmas is a time of light and love, to remind us of all the good we are capable of if we choose to go down that path. It’s a time to reflect upon the year behind us and see how far we’ve progressed in our expansion process or how little we’ve come.  We’ve already told you that most of you had a very progressive year!  If something major didn’t impact your life this shifting year of 2013, I’d and the Team would be surprised.  But by now you should have come out on the other side of the high impact and settled down to whatever new routine life has presented you.

2014 should prove to be interesting too, but much less of a challenge.  What the Divine Guidance Team is telling me is that if the last few years haven’t been challenging for you, then you may be in for some bumps going forward.  But if you’ve already been there and done that—well, you’re in for some peace.

This doesn’t mean life won’t be interesting, it simply means it won’t be so difficult.  So that’s the good news.  Remember to keep the faith whatever you’re challenges have been or are.  Remember to ask your angels for help, that’s what they are there for. 

We at Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being have been putting together a variety of lectures, workshops and events for the local southeastern Wisconsin, northeastern Illinois area.  Be sure to check out our monthly newsletters and web site for more information.   We’re finding that some of you are reading our blogs only and aren’t getting our newsletter.  We’re looking for a way to make sure you get all the news too and may put out a monthly blog that duplicates our newsletter and vice versa. Of course you can sign up to receive both if so choose and then receive both.  I promise you that I rarely send out emails daily like some do.  So sign up for both!   

Thank you for a glorious year!  We want to wish all of you a very illuminated holiday season full of light and love, peace and joy for you and your family!  Without you we won’t be here—so thank you so much for reading our weekly blog and for being part of the Illuminated Engagements family.  We have lots of stuff planned for 2014 – so stay tuned!

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!

From Illuminated Engagements, Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team

See you next year!

Peace and Blessings,

Blake Cahoon, Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158


One thought on “Holidays are Here

  1. Hello Blake,

    Thank you for your writing, I’m always interested in what the Team has to say each time.

    I have had a great year, mind you very different from others, from the heart very rewarding.

    Hope your time with family is very pleasent, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Peace and wellness to you,

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