Karma and Punishment: Really?

nirvanaOver the few blogs, we’ve been discussing karma and the notion that somehow karma is a punishment.

Are we being punished because of karma?

The mythology states that if we lived a bad life in a previous lifetime, then we will be punished in future lifetimes.  Often I hear people say about their current life that isn’t going well, “I must have done something bad in the past, so I’m being punished for it now.”  This is a false belief –for you are not being punished in this life or any other life for anything you do, due to the law of karma.  Karma is a Sanskrit word for action and the result of that action.  If the action is loving, the result will be loving; if the action deals with fear, then the result will return fear.  In America, we know the law of karma as the law of cause and effect.  You cause something to happen (action) and there is an effect (result) to that action.  Both the law of karma and the law of cause and effect have no personal attributes attached to them – they simply are laws that work, just like the law of gravity.   On planet Earth, the law of gravity will create an action as such: you throw a ball up in the air, it’s going to come down on to the ground.  Simple as that.  What goes up, must come down – essentially in layman’s terms, that is the law of gravity.  If you throw a rock up in the air, and it comes down on someone’s head accidently, the law of gravity isn’t punishing you.  It simply was following its own law.  The rock fell to the earth.  The same is true if you throw a rock deliberately up in the air to purposely come down on someone’s head.  The law remains the same.   Your personal intent to that action however, is a different story.

The law of cause and effect is like this.  The law is simply a law – it is not something that is personally out to cause you punishment or grief or even happiness one way or the other.  It simply is a law.  It is your specific actions that cause the effect that will come back to you.    If you deliberately throw a rock at someone’s head, not only is the law of gravity in effect, but so is the law of cause and effect or law of karma.  The person the rock hit will no doubt feel pain and perhaps either sadness, fear or even anger.  You will cause another person to react to your action.  If the hurt person becomes angry and comes over and punches you in the nose than that is their reaction to your action – not the law of cause and effect or the law of karma punishing you.  Laws can’t punish you—they are simply laws.  It is your actions that cause perceived punishment or reward. Or happiness and love and joy.  It is your actions and the reaction to those actions that are being presented to you.  So how are you showing up?

When you state that the law of karma is now punishing you for something that happened in a past life or present life, this is truly an erroneous statement.  You are not being punished.   You may be experiencing however the consequences of your actions.  If you perceive those consequences to be “punishment” then this is a misconception – for it was your actions that caused the effect that you now look on as punishment.  You may be displacing the blame for your actions to something else beyond your own personal responsibility.

In our next blog, we’re going to look more at this aspect of karma and the misconception of punishment, the reality of responsibility and how the law of karma is now changing.

Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon, Founder
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