Law of Attraction – Escaping Your Swamp-Part 1

It’s hard to focus on what you do want when you’re dealing with what is happening right in front of you—and it’s something you don’t want.  Law of attraction says like attracts like—meaning you’re going to attract what you are thinking about and focused on.  (Learn more about law of attraction here!) This means if you are just focusing on what is negative in our life or current life circumstances, you will continue to receive the same set of circumstances.  Conversely, if you are thinking is more uplifting and positive, chances are this is the realm of people and events you will attract.  So why does it seems that sometimes the opposite is true?  You surround yourself with happy people thinking that some of their happiness will rub off on you, until you are about to burst from all the Polly Anna’s, yet your life still sucks? Well that is because you can’t move from one state of emotions to another in a blink of an eye.  We don’t work that way.  And never does the law of attraction.

alligator - law of attraction
Are you surrounding yourself with alligators?

There is a saying that it’s hard to drain the swamp when you’re knee deep in alligators.  Your intention is to drain the swamp, but you are focusing on the alligators—and probably rightly so.  But you’ve got to deal with the alligators first, before you can drain the swamp (and thus get rid of future alligators). Think about your job situation.  Do you like your job?  Maybe parts of it…maybe none of it.  Maybe you love your job, so for our example this wouldn’t apply to you.  But substitute the disliked job scenario for a scenario that you can better relate to – perhaps you have a relationship problem, a money problem or even something unique to you. Let’s look at Fred.  Poor Fred.  He doesn’t like his job.  Once upon a time he did, but the job no longer offers him the satisfaction that it once held. Perhaps he simply knows too much and he’s bored, or the company culture changed and he was forced into a situation that wasn’t of his own making.  Or so it would appear.   Fred starts complaining about his job.  How he doesn’t get support from his fellow workers, much less his boss.  That the job doesn’t hold the same interest it once did.  For many reasons, he feels stuck and just doesn’t see a way out. Fred is looking at the alligators, not how to drain the swamp.   And the more he complains, the worse works seems to get!  He’s attracting more discourse because that is what he is focused on.  He’s getting more alligators. How can Fred help himself get out of the swamp full of alligators?  In our next blog entry we’ll at some solutions. In meantime, are you focused on alligators or on the swamp? Love and Light Always, Blake Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Life Specialist and Channel Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being Website: Facebook: (262)764-4141 Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 Blake has had numerous issues in her life that she’s learned to overcome—many times struggling to find the answers.  Then she learned about the law of attraction, focused on a new perspective of life and doors of great opportunity “magically” opened for her.  She’s learned firsthand of how this powerful natural law could help her and now seeks to help others learn how to have a better life too.

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