Letting Go of the Past

Rochester NYI’m on vacation this week; traveling to my childhood home of Rochester, NY, where my sister recently moved to. We’re both kinda freakin’ out about this move, childhood memories, etc. While my cats are home, safe with the house sitter, I’m reliving both happy and sad childhood moments.

My father, who I was very attached to, died in April 1968, when I was a child. (Yes, I’m that old!) When he died my mother packed my sister and I up and we moved to Florida, to escape the cold white winters of Rochester. We never knew we lived that close to the lake until we visited this city about 3 years ago—the first time we were back in 40 years. At that time, my sister had no idea that she would making Rochester her home again; but then her husband got transferred and so she went.

I’ve come to visit; to sort the memories; to reminisce and maybe find a part of myself that I once lost.
I found this link to letting go of the past and so I present to you now, as I am forgiving and letting go of my past, so I can move forward.

Life can be funny, can’t it? With its ups and downs, insides and outs; sometimes we don’t know what is over the next hill (it’s very hilly here in countryside of Rochester, near the Finger Lakes). But we do know we have to move over the next hill in order to move forward. Besides one never knows what one will find over the next hill. Life can be fun that way.

Enjoy the quotes and remember that just because there’s a hill up ahead, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. For me, I’m enjoying the exploration, wherever it may lead me.


With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary
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3 thoughts on “Letting Go of the Past

  1. Enjoy reminiscing and back to the roots. Perhaps, the road has lead you to appreciate the time you had with your Dad while you could. And to appreciate the stregth your Mom had to uproot and take all of you on a journey that may not have helped form the awesomeness you possess, today.

  2. This passage we call life, and it’s interruptions bless us into being who we are today… every little morsel does matter. So glad you have an opportunity to have a favorable visit clearing the old and making way for the new!

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