Live Channeling Events

Blake ChannelingSince 2005, Blake has provided celestial wisdom from the angels and ascended masters in public and private events in front of live audiences featuring the Divine Guidance Team.

The Divine Guidance Team with their channel Blake offers regularly scheduled Live Channeling Events, where Blake allows the Divine Guidance Team to step forward and talk with a live audience.  Lots of information is provided to the general audience and then a Q & A session allows individual audience members to ask questions of the Team.

DVD CoverThese happy and lively events are often recorded with either audio or video, and will be edited to allow the information to be shared with others, who might not be able to attend.  Also this offering is a great way to remember a great event for the participating audience.

For video samples of our previous Live Channeling Events, please visit our YouTube Channel.

To purchase one of our video recordings, please visit our Web Store.

To attend one of our Live Channeling Events, check our most recent schedule and join us for a divinely inspired event where you get to listen to the archangels and ascended masters of the Divine Guidance Team.