Mixed Energies?

cropped-7685245_northern-light-kjpargeter.jpgI’m often in a quandary as to what to place down on this blank piece of paper. My mood these days is so scattered; I’m in a place of moving forward and yet not. Our wild weather remains an inconsistent too. First cold, then hot, then cold. Spring finally came with summer nipping at its heels. And of course our hearts go out to all in the horrific tornado storms in the Midwest this week. The angels welcomed many home.

I have been reading of other’s tales of woe and mixed energy patterns. We knew going into 2013 was going to be rough going, as so many energy patterns are being mixed up and realigned. How is your energy these days? Have you felt confused one day and crystal clear the next? Have you started plans to have them fall apart, despite all the signs being there? Or did we just read the signs wrong?

Often times when I’m feeling at odds, I will go and take a walk in the woods. Connect with nature. Or meditate with soft music. Or simply take a nap until my mood lightens.

Last week I had a terrible head cold. I once read that when you get sick, often you are getting a ‘download’ of new information and realignment. I hope so this time; I need some realignment.

I do know we create our own reality. And we can’t manifest what we truly want when we are out of alignment. Getting back into alignment is a process; like most of life, it doesn’t happen overnight.

I’m getting past my head cold and am exploring new horizons. More on that later—all the details aren’t in yet. And while I remain patient and trust in the Universe that is helping create my reality, I pray that others find their way too.
The Divine Guidance Team is having me work on a new audio CD, which is reminding me of lessons once learned. We often need to remind ourselves of these lessons; we humans seem to have such a short memory. That’s why we produce and distribute this information from the Team; to remind ourselves that we aren’t in this alone, all we have to do is ask—and then have faith and patience and trust in the answers.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, PMC (Psychic/Medium/Channel)
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