2012 Ushers In New Law of Responsibilty

Who you were in a past life no longer matters.
In our most recent Live Channeling Event, the Divine Guidance Team said that the Law of Karma is now passé or dead….and it is being replaced with the Law of Responsibility. While many teachers will still cling to the old lessons of karma, the new Law of Responsibility is being put forth since the days of punishing yourself for something you did or didn’t do in a past life time is now over. Instead the job is to be aware of this life time and not cling to old life time behaviors, patterns or digressions.

In fact, the old law of karma is being looked as an excuse – to use for blame of one’s past behaviors. The Law of Responsibility says the past –as in your past lives–doesn’t matter –only the present lifetime matters. How you conduct yourself here and now is the most important act you can act upon.

How are you living your life? Is it with honor and trustworthiness? Or is it in shame and guilt? Are you blaming others for your problems or owning up to your own part in every action you take?

You are the sole creator of your own reality. The Universe and the Creator are listening and watching. How are you living your life? With purpose? With blame? Or something in between?

How responsible are you being for your own life? You may be aware of what or who you were in a past lifetime—but you no longer have to be punished for it nor hold it up as an excuse for this lifetime’s behavior. This new law is both refreshing –and harder to life up to. There are no more excuses; there is no more blaming. There is only you – and your Creator – making this the best life you have to live. It’s time for more responsibility.

With Light and Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, Channel and Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake knows about many of her past lives and is grateful she no longer has to hold on to the actions she once did in a past life. She enjoys living this life to the fullest.

One thought on “2012 Ushers In New Law of Responsibilty

  1. I find this information very exciting! Imagine, no more karma…. nothing to “keep us down” or from progressing. No more excuses! This opens up a whole new way of being for many. Imagine, when we all get this, there will be no more blame, only full accountability -YES! What great bonuses! However, remembering that everything is what we manifest it to be will be a clue to help us remember that we are completely responsible for all we experience now. This is BIG stuff! It is an important lesson for each of us. Responsibility of all we create… we truly are the masters of our own domain 🙂 Blessings of all goodness to All~ Maggie

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