New Rules for 2013 – Just a little bit more

Ying YangToday we are trying something new–something that I have been trying to make work for over a year and finally, finally today –it worked!  And that’s because I got clear instructions on how to make it work!  Wow!  When we actually have instructions, we can make things work.  What a concept!

We also need to have the right tools.  Which is what these blogs over the last few times have been about.  Getting your from an old paradigm to a new paradigm.

I put in just ‘a little bit more’ effort and I got rewarded mightily.  And this also part of the new shift–we have to put in: ‘just a little bit more’ in order to reap the rewards.

So when you are about to give up–don’t.  Put in just a little more effort and see if you get that which you are seeking.

Don’t give up when you are about to hit your stride.  Instead ask your angels for their help.

Don’t surrender to mediocrity.  Instead rise to the occasion and do just a little bit more and reap your rewards.

This universe isn’t a do nothing type universe–it is one of expansion and creativity.  You are here for a reason: to help with the creation and expansion.

So don’t quit, just because you think you’re not getting anywhere.  You are.  Simply by being here–day in and day out, an occasional smile on your face and a light step in your walk and by doing –just a little bit more–you can make your life the way you want it.

And I thank my angels for showing me the way today and everyday!  Remember to appreciate what you have, thank God for all you have and life will become easier.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Spirit Communicator & Spiritual Teacher
& The Divine Guidance Team
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She didn’t give up and she did do just a little bit more. The results paid off.