Practicing Spiritual Protection Daily Keeps the Spooks Away

I heard someone the other day tell me, when talking about spiritual practices and specifically protecting one’s self from negativity – “But I took a salt bath!” – as if that was the one thing that was ever needed to be done for overall protection.

Yes, I wanted to argue, and I brushed my teeth this morning, but if that is the last time I brush, I probably will get cavities.

Spiritual protection should become a part of your daily spiritual practices. Envision yourself first thing in the morning in the protective arms of the angels, or ask for their help in protecting and guiding you through the day. Set your morning intention of allowing yourself to receive positive energies and repel negative energies. At night time, just as you crawl into bed, give thanks to the Universe for a great day. Don’t emphasis the bad parts, but remember and praise the good. Focus on the good parts of your day and give the rest to the Higher Source to deal with. Envision yourself bathed in a wonderful white light and ask the angels to watch over you as you sleep. You can even ask the angels to let you sleep with them!

A daily set of spiritual practices or rituals help your psyche accept the principals of universal law. It helps to guide through the pitfalls of the day and reminds you that love and well-being are our natural state. It helps protect you from the negativity of the world and guides you towards your desired outcomes.

You brush your teeth every day to prevent cavities. You should also practice spirituality every day too. Make it part of your daily routine and observe the positive changes that come into your life.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Blake practices her Daily Gratitude’s both morning and night and her Daily Intentions every morning. Daily prayers send up asking the angels to help protect her through the day. Every once in a while she’ll take a salt bath too! A little mix of kosher and Epson salts melt away the cares of the day and provides a spiritual cleansing as well.