Angel Holiday Message Package


Christmas is coming!  We’re offering some special gifts for you to celebrate the season with the angels!  Plus a personalized message from the Angels to you!!! Our special Angel Holiday Message Package is now here!


In time for the Christmas holidays!!

(And our last Message Package for the Year!)

The Divine Guidance Team’s Message Package remains popular, with their personalized messages and lots of great channeled wisdom!  This is their latest Message Package, full of information and spiritual tools that you can use during the upcoming holiday season!

Receive your special multi-media Message Package from the angels based on channeled information from the Divine Guidance Team presented via email. 

Blake and the Divine Guidance Team have created a special Angel Holiday Message Package that is not only personal but also relevant to you during the upcoming holiday season!  You will gain knowledge about yourself with a personalized oracle message from the Angels as well as other goodies as by the Divine Guidance Team.

Your special Angelic Holiday Message Package will be delivered to you via instant download and email for your personalized message.

Your special Angel Holiday Message Package includes:

  • Special Peace and Love Meditation – 14 minute MP3 (audio)
  • End of Year Message from the Team – Celebrating the Holidays -downloadable PDF
  • A personalized 30 minute channeled Angelic Message specific for you – in person*
  • A personalized Oracle Card (DGT) Reading – written – will be sent via email
  • Christmas and Angels – Celebrating the Holidays – downloadable PDF
  • Holiday Video – MP4 download – will be sent via email or Dropbox instructions

All this in a beautifully delivered kit of multi-media goodies, including a full-color and graphically pleasing Holiday Report, plus MP3 guided meditation audio.  We will send you through email, through instant download, and over the phone.  Sign up to get your Angel Holiday Message Package today!!

*We will book a 30-minute personal phone reading session with you.

Please note that the Celebrating the Holidays PDF and the MP3 Meditation for Peace and Love are downloads.  You will receive a notification upon payment to download these to your computer.  If you do not, please contact us immediately so we can send to you via email.  Thank you!

(Separately this Message Package would retail for $90!)

Our Customers love our Message Packages!

“I have received several of Blake’s packages that have been channeled by The Divine Guidance Team and that is exactly what I get.  Great guidance for moving forward in this life and also seeing a glimpse of the ancient past where King Arthur reigned.  Her Autumn Personal Message Package was filled with insights for the upcoming months and was filled with some great fall ideas and mouthwatering recipes for the cold months ahead.   I feel very fortunate to have gotten messages from St. Germaine, Master Jesus, Blake and the rest of the Divine Guidance Team.  You won’t be disappointed!”

Carol B., IA


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