Energetic Matrix Adjustment for 2019 & Card Reading


Allow the angels to adjust you to the new frequencies coming into the New Year!  Please get a card reading!


New year: new frequencies!  The angels, specifically Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Metatron want you to be ready!  So they have asked me to make this offer to you —

Get your energetic matrix adjusted to allow the new energies to be a smoother transition for you in the year ahead while getting a 3 card reading!!  (You can also ask a question of the Team and simply have a conversation) 

How cool is that!

Why do you want to take advantage of this offer?  1. Because isn’t nice to get a reading? 2. Wouldn’t you like for 2019 to be smoother for you than 2018?

We are vibrational beings who resonate at our own personal vibration.  In the Angel Awakenings group, we are exploring this subject more thoroughly, with video lessons available to group members.  During these videos, you can also have your matrix adjusted by the angels. 

We also offer a variety of meditations with these types of energy and healing vibrations from the angels.  

The adjustments in this offering will take effect with your permission (which you give upon this offer!).  The angels will adjust your energetic matrix according to your current state of allowance and tolerance to the new energies.  Think of it this way: when you play a piece of music on your music devices, such as a radio or record player or streaming music device, there is a volume which is pleasing to you.  Some people like different type music and will play it softly louder, depending on how much they like and can tolerate. Adjustments to the volume are made according to how much you like the volume of music playing.  

The same is true for energetic adjustments to your matrix. Adjustments are made to your energetic matrix based on your current state of acceptance and allowance. The energetic matrix is more than your auric system and includes a variety of factors.  A portion of this energetic matrix system is your personal vibrational system.  The Divine Guidance Team tells me it is more than just this and spans dimensions, realms and time-space continuum factors.

The main thing you need to know is that the adjustments help you with your life in 2019 and beyond.  These energies are now beginning to be felt in December of 2018.

During your reading, which can be done long-distance and remotely as well as live, I will call in the angels to do their thing, while the Team and I provide meanings to the cards we draw for you.  The whole process takes place in about 30 minutes (live).  This is done by phone and I will send (email) you a copy of the cards chosen.

If done remotely, I will draw 3 or more cards and write up a description of your reading and email the results, along with a photo of the cards drawn. 

So let’s get started!  Order your Adjustment & Reading now and we’ll book your appointment!  Appointments are available afternoons and evenings (Eastern time).   Thank you!!  Here’s to a New Year!


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