Special 2019 Personalized Message Package

$67.00 $49.00

What does Spirit want you to know for 2019?


Receive your special personalized message from the angels and ascended masters based on channeled information from the Divine Guidance Team.  Presented via email within 3 days of payment.  This is your opportunity for a message for 2019!

Blake has received 52 short messages to develop into oracle cards.  These messages are aimed towards the 2019 energies.  You have the opportunity to tap into these energies now with a personal message especially for you.

You will receive your personal oracle message along with other 2019 information which includes your color and number for this year.  

Your Personalized Message package includes:

  • Your personalized Oracle Card draw/message
  • A 30-Minute Phone Reading with Blake and the Team
  • The 2019 Message from the Divine Guidance Team
  • Information about the Divine Guidance Team members and how each can help you on a personal level
  • 2019 Guided Meditation MP3

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