eBook – Communicating with Spiritual Masters by Blake Cahoon


Learn how to talk with angels and ascended masters!  Prayers and Tools!


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Communicating with Spiritual Masters: Access to Hope and Healing for our Everyday Lives by Blake Cahoon is a e-Book that delves into the subject of channeling or communicating to non-physical beings that include ghosts, spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. Spiritual teacher, writer and channel Blake Cahoon has been communicating with other multi-dimensional realms since she was a child.  She explains in easy to understand language how you can talk and communicate with your own spirit guides and angels. 

She explains what each of these groups of non-physical beings bring to the table and the differences between being a psychic, a medium and a channel.  Information on how you can contact your own angels is also given. 

Blake talks about divine guidance and how her own foray into this expanded realm led her to form her company, The Angelic Path.  She provides messages from archangels, ascended masters and other non-physical beings that are relevant to all.  Plus provides prayers of protection and how you can communicate with these celestial beings.

Heavily illustrated, this eBook provides a lot of information about the spiritual realms and its inhabitants. 

eBook – Digital Product
31 Pages
Full color illustrations and photos


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