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Twist of Time by Blake Cahoon is now available!  

This is Blake’s first in a series gothic romance with a fantasy theme of ghosts and time travel.  

Blake Cahoon has been writing fiction since she was 12, about the time she started talking to ghosts.  While she has written several books between the ages of 20 and 40, none have ever been published.   Blake decided once again to try her hand at writing fiction this past year, as she begins to contemplate her retirement years.  The novel, Twist of Time was born as a result of those efforts, spurred on by her love of time travel, ghost hunting and romance.  

Blake has written several non-fiction books including the international best selling book: Connecting with Nature’s Angels.  She has published several fantasy short stories in anthologies still available on Amazon including Cat Fantastic by Andre Norton and Martin H Greenberg and Elf Magic by Martin H Greenberg.  Cat Fantastic is an international bestseller. 

Here is what the back cover of Twist of Time says:

When spiritual intuitive and ghost hunter, Kate Garrison visits the haunted Chandler estate, she never expects to wind up traveling back in time to save the family that once lived there.

Beautiful Sarah Millson was engaged to the rich Aaron Chandler of old New York, but when she meets her fiancé’s brother, the handsome Charles Chandler, there are mutual sparks and a torrid love affair begins.  Jealous Aaron Chandler extracts his own brand of revenge on the couple creating a two-hundred-year rift between the brothers, as all three now haunt their ancestral home.

When Kate sees the portrait of Charles Chandler for the first time, she instantly feels a connection of the heart. And when a well-meaning person adds their own brand of magic, a tale of avenged love begins.

Kate’s crusade to save the family as she navigates time, clearing the past of its vengeful ghosts and horrifying secrets to redeem her own life, is sure to give the reader a thrilling adventure they will remember long after finishing this romantic story.

Here is a short excerpt from the book:  

I struggled to focus. I vaguely remembered being given a narcotic, still, I fought to clear my mind. As I looked around at my surroundings, the thought came to me that I had been in this room before…. very recently, in fact. But when I was here or what brought me here kept eluding me.

I finally noticed the lamp on the table at the end of the couch where I was laying, and then I remembered being in the Chandler estate.

 “This feels kinda like déjà vu…” my thoughts weakened but started to clear. “I was in this room earlier today, but not exactly this room.”

As I continued to bring back my memory, I also sensed a change in myself…. another déjà vu feeling…from when I was younger.

  “Did I come here even before today…on a different trip when I was a lot younger?” I knew instinctively the answer was “No”, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that both my mind and the room held secrets and surprises.

I struggled to remember what those secrets were, but the sedative took hold again and I drifted off thinking thoughts of dark secrets and haunting surprises.


Paperback – 6″ x 9″
360 pages
Twilight Sky Media


KINDLE EDITION available for $2.99 only on Amazon!

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