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The Team Speaks show streams weekly on Facebook Live.  It provides insight from the viewpoint of the Divine Guidance Team – loving and wise angels, ascended master and celestial beings who are channeled through spiritual intuitive Blake Cahoon. 

This recorded show is from April 2018 whose theme is Allowing the Joy In.   Audience members get to ask questions throughout the show.  Subject matter includes Finding a home, insights into Heaven and more.  Special captions included from the Divine Guidance Team!



The Team Speaks show provides a look at life from the aspects of the archangels, ascended masters and celestial beings of the Divine Guidance Team as channeled by spiritual intuitive and angel teacher Blake Cahoon.  This live Facebook show is streamed weekly to a growing audience who enjoy listening and asking questions of the Divine Guidance Team.    

This original video is edited from The Team Speaks show whose major theme from the Team was to Allowing the Joy In.

Other topics the Divine Guidance Team discussed that night were:

  • How to allow the Joy In
  • What do I find in Heaven?
  • What is Law of attraction  and instructions to use
  • Insights from Master Yeshua

Audience members were able to ask the Team various questions, which the Team answered.   

We thank the audience members who participate in those shows; this video has been edited for privacy purposes and extraneous dialogue from our hostess, Blake Cahoon.  It concentrates strictly on the Divine Guidance Team’s channeled message for that particular show date.  

The Divine Guidance Team has many team members including Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Master Kuthumi, Master Saint Germain, Master Yeshua, Master Mother Mary, Master Kwan Yin and the Orion Energies of Malachi, Bartholomew and Ellery, among many others.

Blake Cahoon has channeled this Team since 2005 in front of many live audiences.  The Team Speaks show started in September 2017 and streams weekly on the Facebook profile page of intuitive channel Blake Cahoon. 

This video is approximately 45 minutes in length and complete with additional captions added to the video from the Divine Guidance Team during editing process.  It is available as an MP4 video download or as a DVD upon request.  

This product is for the MP4 to view on computer or smart phone.

Upon ordering, you will receive a link to our unlisted video on YouTube.  You may view it on YouTube and have permission to download our video 2 times.  Additional deliberate downloads would constitute copyright infringement.  If lose your video platform link or download, please contact us for free replacement. 

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