You Are a Soul Being CD


We are soul beings…more than just flesh.  What does this mean?  The Divine Guidance Team explains. 


Created in 2012 in the midst of frequent shootings and death experiences, the Divine Guidance Team as channeled by spiritual intuitive Blake Cahoon explains the transition experience and demonstrates how we can better understand these tragic events as well as normal death transition events by understanding that we are all soul beings, first and foremost. 

The information is as relevant today as it was yesterday or tomorrow.  By understanding ourselves as being more than just flesh, we can begin to look at ourselves as spiritual individuals with many past live times and more ahead.

The Team explains a bit about what it is like in heaven and how as people still on the earth plane can learn to be guided into a lifestyle not of strife, but one of love and peace.

This almost hour long channeled audio will provide insights into death, our soul and how we can live a better, more enjoyable life despite perceived tragedy around us.  

Listen to a sample of this CD below!

This product is currently available in CD format and downloadable MP3 format.  This product is for the CD format. 

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