Put Forward Your Positive Thoughts

Illuminated EngagementsOkay, okay– so our last blog was a bit of a downer. Not much positive thoughts there. But stay with us–we’re making a point. Ever since Dec 2012, there have been mixed energies floating around. Now what you do with all those energies–which are really indifferent energies–meaning they are neither good or bad–what you do with these energies and how respond to these energies—is up to you. Do we respond negatively and cry out that the sky is falling? Or do we dismiss the fact that Mercury is retrograde, Saturn is in Aries, and that your cat threw up on the rug again–and simply start looking at life in a more realistic fashion and respond accordingly?

For Mercury could be retrograde, the phone psychic said your love life will never be good and your mom yelled at you–all part of life–but how are you responding to these life occurrences? Are you putting too much emphasis on the little things and not looking at the bigger picture?

For example–you may be employed; many are not. You may have decent car and shelter–many have lost theirs. Yep, times are tough. So now is the time for you to grow a thicker skin, get into a better frame of mind and charge ahead with renewed and reinvigorated energy.

Universal law is going to respond to your dominate thoughts. If these thoughts are negative, of lack and generally down-in-the-mouth–the universe will provide even more of the same to you. Like attracts like.

Sometimes it’s hard to go from sadness to joy–in fact it’s darn near impossible. You can’t do from one extreme emotion to the next. But you can reach for the emotion or feeling that will give you a release and relief from the current situation. This is why we lightworkers are always telling you to go outside for a walk. Exercise releases chemical hormones in your body that naturally let you feel better.

Keep walking and talking–about what you want not what you don’t want. And life will get better. Wherever Mercury happens to be in the heavens.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, PMC (Psychic/Medium & Channel)
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3 thoughts on “Put Forward Your Positive Thoughts

  1. Great message! Each day we have an opportunity to choose to be happy or not… that’s why our Forefathers speak of “the pursuit of happiness”. Matterinfact, we have this choice each moment and can literally alter our reality in under a minute. I find this one of the greatest gifts we were given- free will or choice to create the way we choose to live.

    This past week I was reading a couple of articles in magazine (I do this every so rarely) and the celebrities were saying how “Life is tough, but it’s how you look at it and choose to participate”. This got me thinking alot about how life really isn’t designed for us to have it easy or good. Too often easy and good is associated with money and stuff- not true. A good movie to watch to really see how blessed each one of us is would be “Slumdog Millionaire”. We are significantly blessed… life is what we make it. I agree that times have changed, but it isn’t about the hardship- it’s always been there. It’s about us often times forgetting about the simple things and what is most important- usually it’s not the stuff!

    I pray for everyone, everywhere, to remember what is important and for all burdens to be released as we step into our potentiality… blessings~

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