Re-Introducing the Law of Responsibility

universe agrees with youOne of the effects of the new era we are entering in is the reshaping of various natural or universal laws. These laws include the Law of Cause and Effect, which may also be known as the Law of Karma, which according to the Divine Guidance Team is slightly different; the Law of Attraction and the very old law which is renewed again: the Law of Responsibility. This law is being resurrected after being buried for several thousands of years. It was the law that was enacted as Atlantis entered its golden dawn years of peace and tranquility of a thousand plus years.

The Law of Responsibility basically states that you are personally are responsible for every thought, word and deed that you created and the consequences of those thoughts, words and deeds. This law overrides the Law of Karma, which has erroneously said that if you do something ‘bad’ in one past lifetime, you will be haunted by or have to pay back your ‘bad’ deeds in a future life. The original intent and meaning of the Law of Karma, in many circles of understanding, has not been interpreted correctly, the Divine Guidance Team points out. While many do understand the original intent, the meaning has been skewered over the centuries.

Regardless, the portion of the law that says you must pay for your past sins from other lives is no longer valid. This means that while exploring past lives is fun and interesting and may somewhat affect future lives –you don’t have to worry about taking extra collected baggage with you into future lives. Your debt is wiped clean as of energy pinnacle of December 21, 2012, or earlier if the Divine Guidance Team forgave you and wiped those ‘sins’ clean during a Live Channeling Event. This also means that you can’t blame your current life on past lives’ thoughts, deeds and actions. This is why the Divine Guidance Team says that the Law of Responsibility replaces the Law of Karma.

Indeed you are now responsible for your thoughts, words, actions and deeds for each individual lifetime, within the scope of that specific life time. Once you pass from this human body into the ‘heavens’ you slate is wiped clean and you start out new in the next incarnation. No longer can you blame a past life for today’s world. You are indeed truly responsible for your own life and its creation. Now more than ever before.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon & The Divine Guidance Team
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Blake attempts to be responsible for her deeds, actions and thoughts. Thoughts trip her up most often, until the Divine Guidance Team gently reminds her to get back on track.
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