You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

The Law of Responsibility at Work

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You are responsible for how you feel

According to the Divine Guidance Team, indeed we are responsible for our own happiness – they told me that ages ago because it is part of the Law of Responsibility.

This saying –You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness – showed up on Facebook recently; not sure who the author is….inspiration is inspiration.  But a Huffington Post blogger, Teri Biedl wrote a blog about this saying.

It’s the same thing we’ve been writing about for the last few years and so it bears repeating here.

The Law of Responsibility basically says we are indeed responsible for our own thoughts, deeds and action.  This isn’t an easy concept to undertake and I was challenged by it during one of our workshops lately.

And while the simple version of the principle doesn’t truly take into account the global consciousness concepts, which does contribute to your co-creation of reality, the principle is outlined well within the author’s blog.

Here’s the link to the blog:

Of course we are over simplifying the meaning and the minutia of what this law is truly saying.  Again, we are quick to blame everyone else but ourselves, but law says otherwise.  And wouldn’t it be nice if people did take more responsibility for their actions, thoughts and deeds?

There’s lot more here than just meets the eye.  Certainly food for thought at any rate.

So tell us – do we create own reality?  What do you think?  Perhaps for the everyday things we might create our own reality, but when crime, rape and murder involved—do we then ask for those things too?  Or is there something else going on here?

Let us know—it’s time for the great debate: do we create our own reality?  Are we responsible totally for what shows up in our world?  Or are there greater forces than us at play too?  We love to have you weigh in on this heavy topic.

Thank you for allowing us to Improve Your Life with Divine Wisdom and Guidance!

Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon

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Blake wrestles with this concept as much as the next person.  Yet she does realize that it is her emotions sending out a frequency to the universe which is returned to her.  She attempts as much responsibility for her own actions as a result.