Secrets of Happy People

Happy PeopleThis time of year often will lead us to looking at next year. We often go over this year, seeing how much we’ve achieved and what we’ve accomplished. Did we meet all our goals that we set out for ourselves from last year? Where did we succeed? Where did we excel? Where did we fail or fall short?

From the time we are small, we are taught that we must set goals for ourselves in order to succeed –and so we do. But when we don’t like the goals we set out, we fail in them and this often leads to self-criticism. If we do this too many times, we are often left struggling to achieve the least amount of what we are aiming for. But what if there was a different way? Maybe goal setting isn’t the answer for you.

It turns out it isn’t for everyone. There is a different way and it may lead to a more happy and successful life. In the article, Secrets of Happy People, goal setting or the lack of it is examined more closely and how not setting goals may just be a secret to being happier.

Read the article here and let us know if you set goals or not. What do you think about the article’s approach to goal setting? How does this method help you with upcoming New Year’s resolutions?

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

Blake gave up New Year’s resolutions years ago and is happier for it. Her goals are also looser and the article gives her validation towards that decision.
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2 thoughts on “Secrets of Happy People

  1. Ahhh, I absolutely love all of Shapiro’s wisdom 🙂 Some people need goals, and perform well utilizing them while others do not. I agree with his first point: Who’s goal is it? Too often we try to live up to the expectations of others… I finally decided to give this up in the Fall of 1998, it too me almost a decade to master it though 🙂 And created some issues for some of the folks close to me.

    Over that decade I learned my goals weren’t mine and that’s why I wasn’t living in the present moment enjoying all the gifts which were right in front of me, literally and figuratively as the present! Those who know me now have a hard time believing that I was the classical “Type A” personality.. I take that as the ultimate kudo- only confirming I have accomplished my goal. How do you like that for being a little cheeky?!?!?

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