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1 Hour Spiritual Reading

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Blake Cahoon has been providing conversational-style channeled readings from the angels for over 40 years!

I started talking with ghosts when I was 12 and was later trained in the spiritualist camps of Central Florida. Now I provide wonderful messages that come from the angels and ascended masters who I call my Divine Guidance Team. They are a group of loving non-physical beings with messages of hope, love, inspiration and divine wisdom. For the most part, I use my own psychic/medium abilities during your reading. However I can use angel oracle cards if you’d like.

I also teach spiritual subjects and have written several books on angels, available through our own web store, and on as well as Barnes and Noble and other book outlets.

I have been involved in working for the corporate world for many years. I've had my share of ups and down and so I very much know what the real world is all about. I want to help others move their lives in easier and more loving ways. I love connecting people to their angels and spirit guides!

Let me help you with your clearing your confusion, easing your fears and worries and gaining clarity from the angels above!

When we offer phone readings, we bring in your angels guides and loved ones. My angels and ascended masters love answering your questions, so come prepared to ask your questions. We can provide information on your Akashic records/past lives; medium readings to bring in loved ones and angelic insight readings. (We do not tell fortunes or the future -- you create that.) Just let us know what you are looking for.

Please note: We don't encourage people to call us if you are new to psychic readings. We operate in a more conversational style of 'reading', that is direct, honest and to the point.

Day and Evening appointments available. Book now!

Please call us to set up your appointment - 502-488-1191 - or PM me on FB or text me!

Many Blessings!

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Intuitive and Channel


“I…had the most amazing and VERY accurate reading by Blake Cahoon. She…is now doing video readings and SHE IS SO GOOD!!! One of the best readings I've had and I gave her some tough questions to answer. It takes a lot to impress me because I've been around the block a bit. Blake is the real deal and I'm proud and honored to call her friend. Blake, you are one that I'll be returning to for future readings. Thank you so much!"- DF

“I had a video reading from Blake. She was spot on with my messages and was tuned into what is going on in my life. I highly recommend her for a reading and guidance! "- JQ


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Readings are subjective and each reader is different. You will be expected to pay for your reading ahead of the reading. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this reading. Legally all readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.

Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. No Guarantees are offered for how you interpret our readings and all sales are final. You will have the opportunity to make sure you are happy with the reading. If you finish the reading, payment will be retained with no refunds. All completed reading are final. Thank you.

This product is for a 60 minute phone reading.

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