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Archangel Body Balms ABB

Our body balms have been developed with the angelic help of the Divine Guidance Team. Each body balm comes with its own angelically energized vibration by the Archangel whose name is on the product with their own special attributes.

For example, Archangel Michael has infused his energy of protection, strength and courage into the balm named for him; Archangel Raphael has infused his energy of healing into the balm named for him and so on.

Each balm has been created with quality infused fragrance oils and essential oils associated with the archangels and also includes a crystal that is also associated with the archangel.

Our luxurious balms are created with high grade white beeswax and coconut butter; balms typically leave your skin feeling truly soft and moisturized. Massage into elbows, knees, hands or dap at the temples for a wonderful relaxing experience. Our balms are safe for lips too!

Each body balm comes in a 2 oz. metal tin with lid.

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Archangel Body Balms Archangel Body Balms