Celestial Wisdom by Blake Cahoon

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What is channeling? Learn more about this fascinating type of communication between humans and celestial beings.

Blake Cahoon is a spiritual channel for the Divine Guidance Team and has been delivering their loving and supportive messages since 2005. These wonderful invisible helpers lend their wise guidance and divine support to all aligned to hear their messages.

This book embarks on a spiritual journey of wisdom,inspiration, insight and enlightenment for the spiritual seeker in all of us.

This book has two sections: a compilation of our Daily Messages from the Divine Guidance Team which often displays on our Facebook page (FB/TheAngelicPath) and a section on how we communicate with the angels and what the angelic and ascended master realms are all about.

The angels and ascended masters share their celestial wisdom through channeled messages on everyday life concepts such as Trust, Friendship, Enchantment, Healing, Intention and more.

114 Pages with B &W photos
Twilight Sky Media
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