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Live Channeling Event - Virtual - Aug 21 2021

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The Angelic Path

Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance Team in a
Virtual (Online) Live Channeling Event!

Looking for good channeled inspired and motivational wisdom?

Our 2-hour virtual (online) Live Channeling Event on August 21, 2021 can help!

  • Are you new to your spiritual journey? Not sure of all this woo-woo? You'll find answers!
  • Having difficulties and don't know where to turn or how to escape? You'll find answers!
  • Navigating troubled waters in your relationships, work and in general? You'll find answers!

We’ve been offering in-person and online live channeling events since 2005! Check out our videos under our website: The Angelic Path to view how we deliver these messages. Blake Cahoon is a rare conscious channel who allows the wisdom to flow through her. Many have benefitted from the guidance she passes along.
Back in 2005, my Divine Guidance Team of Universal Source Energy that includes archangels, ascended masters and other cosmic beings plus challenged me to deliver spiritual and guidance to those on the spiritual path of life. I have doing so since then, growing the message that you too can have the life you want. I know because I’ve been there!

Our next Live Channeling Event will be virtually presented on:

Saturday, August 21, 2021 @ 6 PM – 8:15 PM Mountain Time (USA) online!

We offer an Early Bird Discount! Cost is $37 until August 14th Midnight MT.

After August 14th/at Door: $47

Free Gifts (sent by email) will be given out after the event. A free recording of the Event will be made available for 48 hours after event for paid participants.

Join today before the August 14th deadline to catch the Early Bird Discount!

10% of all net proceeds will be going to an animal welfare charity.

Mark your calendars: Saturday August 21, 2021 @ 6 PM – 8:15 PM Mountain Time (USA) online! $37 Early Bird until 8/14/21; $47 afterward.

Sign up and we will send you your information on how to attend! Look in your email!!

From Blake: Yes, I have been almost homeless, without a job and broke. My love life sucked and I was generally miserable with my life, feeling lost and alone. Yet I remained determined and allowed the Team to lead the way. Step by step with their wisdom and loving guidance, I grew and moved along my own spiritual path. Today I am who I want to be and have great happiness in my life! So I know their information, motivation, and assistance works!

You can find answers within this channeling event! You can ask personal questions and gain the answers you are seeking. Sign up today!

Join us by signing up now!

We look forward to seeing you in our virtual audience!

Many Blessings,

Blake Cahoon and the Divine Guidance

The Angelic Path

Free Gifts will be distributed by email after Event to all participants!

Blake and the Divine Guidance Team will present answers to your personal questions during a 2-hour channeling event presented online within the Facebook media platform. There will be a 15 minute break between hour 1 and 2. Questions are encouraged.

Please note presentation will be recorded. By buying a ticket, participant agrees to have their comments and questions recorded. Presentation may be used by The Angelic Path and its sister company, Twilight Sky Media for various purposes including video, audio and other developed products. Recording of the Event will be available for 48 hours to paid audience members.

Please Note: Refund Information to this event will only be offered if an emergency arises. Proof of the emergency must be provided for refund consideration. Emergency includes sudden hospitalizations, major accidents and illness and death. A credit may be offered depending on your individual circumstances. If you find you cannot attend, we offer the free recording for 48 hours. No other refunds will be given. Your deadline to apply for a refund is 72 hours (3 days) after the event.

Free Gifts for Virtual Events will be distributed after the presentation/production and sent through email. Your name, email or personal information are private to our company and Will NOT be sold or otherwise distributed to any third-party.

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